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Creating a Nursery with Urbanology

dani Austin stella urbanology

Creating a nursery with Urbanology was the DREAM project. I wanted my girl’s room to be special and I knew I wanted to collaborate with an amazing team. Working with Urbanology was one of my favorite experiences in the new home so far. Here are some of the steps it took to get it done!

Step 1: Initial Meeting

dani Austin stella urbanology design

Jordan and I scheduled a meeting with Urbanology to discuss our style, vision, and timeline for the nursery. The meeting helped us to consolidate and articulate our thoughts, as well as get us excited to design something special for our baby girl! They really wanted to start off strong by listening to us and piecing things together!

Step 2: Pinterest Board

dani Austin stella nursery urbanology

I created a Pinterest board for the nursery with all my favorite inspo pictures. On the bottom of each picture, I wrote about specific details / pieces I liked to give Urbanology a better understanding of my taste! I felt very seen and heard throughout this whole process and never felt like my ideas were dismissed or looked over.

Step 3: Approving Concepts

dani Austin stella nursery urbanology

After the Pinterest board was finished and sent, Urbanology got to work creating a few concepts that blended all of the design aspects I wanted together. I loved every concept they showed me, but ended up picking the one that had Stella’s feather light fixture and crane wallpaper. I wanted the bird theme because when I was little, I used to tell my mom that when I grew up, I wanted to be a bird! My mama never told me no – she just said “you can be whatever you wanna be!” She always supported our dreams, no matter what – even me wanting to be a bird ❤️ And that’s what I want for my girl! For her to chase her dreams and be whatever she wants to be!

Step 4: Placing Orders

dani Austin stella nursery urbanology

As soon as the concept was approved, we got to work placing orders for all the furniture that would fill Stella’s room! Some pieces arrived the next day while others took a few months. Regardless, it was satisfying seeing the order come to life when it was delivered on the doorstep. I love a good unboxing 😉

Step 5: Staging

dani Austin stella nursery urbanology

As soon as a piece arrived, we staged it in Stella’s room to match the concept board. Inch by inch, the room started to look more like the design picture. We were thankful, too, that some of the first items to arrive were the most functional so that we could start spending time with Stella girl right away! It would have been tough if the chair or changing table had arrived late 🤪

Step 6: Install Day

dani Austin stella nursery urbanology

This was my favorite part! Urbanology came over to solidify the design details and help us place last minute orders. With their help, the room transformed from beautiful to perfect! They really do have a magic touch and designer’s eye. Working with them was such a positive experience and I would 100% do it again! *Starts making Pinterest boards for the rest of the house*…

Step 7: Enjoy

dani Austin stella urbanology

Now that the room is finished, we are having such a fun time making memories in it with Stella. Every inch of the nursery is a blend of beauty and function. This makes it so easy to keep the room clean / organized while still managing to be a mamma. Almost everyday Jordan and I stand in the doorway in awe at just how beautiful our girl’s room is and how easy the design makes it to grow up and transition in the same space.

A special thank you to Urbanology for making the process so fun and for delivering on the most precious room for our Stella girl! If you wanna see more about the nursery and the pieces we used, you can check out the full reveal here!


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