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Happy Home for Your Baby and Dog!

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As Stella’s arrival gets closer and closer, we’re trying to make sure everything and everyONE is ready for her! We love our fur babies, and it’s important that they get along with our human baby! We’ve been prepping and I found some really great tips (especially from that I wanted to share with my fellow fur mamas/soon to be human mamas!

Your dogs might be scared of the baby.

Babies can be pretty foreign to a dog, especially if they haven’t lived with one before! We’re making sure our pups will have a space to themselves that they can retreat to if they get scared or overwhelmed. If you have a guest room, a bigger laundry room, or a basement etc., consider making sure there’s a cozy corner for your critters to call their own. Set it up plenty of time BEFORE baby arrives so your dogs know that’s there safe place!

If your dog still seems afraid of the baby, don’t punish the pup for letting you know it’s scared! Get a trainer to help your dog learn, and to help YOU know how to navigate the signals.

Have basic training in place.

You don’t want to be teaching your dog to behave while you’re taking care of a newborn baby! Try to make sure the basics are there before baby is born. Our girls are pretty sweet, so we aren’t too worried, but still – I know that they will sit and stay, and that’s really helpful!

Don’t force interactions.

This is one of the things I read the most! A lot of people try to make their baby and dog bond by putting them together too much and forcing an interaction. This can freak out BOTH parties, so let them just go at their own pace, and remember – no matter how sweet your dog is, never leave the two alone together.

If your dog seems jealous…

Make sure to give him/her some lovins and attention. Make sure their food bowl is always full, and when your dog WANTS to, include him/her in playtime! Just make sure you don’t play anything too aggressive. If your dog keeps acting jealous, ignore them! Don’t give in to whining and don’t reward naughty behavior. Eventually your dog will realize their jealous tactics aren’t working and will probably behave again.

Make changes gradually.

Since we just moved in and are getting new furniture soon, we aren’t really able to do this, but if you’re rearranging your home for baby, try to do it a little at a time rather than everything in one day. It’ll help your dog get used to the changes and respond more calmly.

Do you have any top tips for making a happy home for both your pup and your little one? Let me know!


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