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What’s in My Hospital Bag (for Baby and Mommy)

Shop these find here!

Shop these find here!

Pack ya bags ladies, cause it’s (almost!) baby time 🤰 Stella is about to make her grand entrance and we are getting prepared! I’ve been learning about what I need to bring to the hospital, both for me and my girl. I asked you mamas for some help and have been doing my own research too and wanted to share what I have so far! Let’s pack a hospital bag 👶

Our sweet mama friend, Aubrey, sent over some AMAZING insider tips from her own experience, so I’ll be including advice from her throughout!

what to pack in your hospital bag for moms to be dani austin

What to Bring for Mommy


Hair ties

Pillow / Barefoot Dreams blanketand pillow and blanket for Jordan, too!

Pro Tip from Aubrey:

“When ‘dad’ is helping, don’t criticize him, even if you’d do something differently than he does. Let ‘dad’ change diapers while you change yours 🤣 He needs and wants to bond with baby any way he can. Baby needs mom for almost everything, so let dad help or be in charge of baths.”


Candy (use code DANI10 for 10% off)

Adult diapers

Snacks, stocking up on my faves from Thrive Market

Shower stuff

Frida mom postpartum kit

Cozy socks with nonslip grips

Loose PJs – (I found nursing-friendly ones from Target)

Portable fan


Shower shoes


Nursing bra

Pro Tip from Aubrey:

“Your milk could come in right away, or it could take a few days. Remember that every baby and body is different and your body is specially going to make milk for what your baby needs! Give yourself grace and don’t stress!! Stay calm and talk to baby as much as possible.  Take advantage of lactation consultants and remember a fed baby is a happy baby. Formula is good & ok!!”

Blackout eye mask

Nursing pillow


Long iPhone Charger or Portable Charger

Loose dressto ride home in!

Mommy Bag

Nursing pads


what to pack in your hospital bag for babies dani austin

What to Bring for Baby:

Baby bag

Car seat


Shop these find here!

Pro Tip from Aubrey:

“Let the lactation consultant & nurses help you get her latched! Take advantage of them. You’ll want to do as much skin on skin with Stella as you can to help milk come in fast. Let her nurse as much as she wants!!  Tell “dad” when she latches on the right or left side, and let him know when she unlatches. Let him document that and diaper changes. After the baby arrives, concept of time is hard – 5 minutes and 15 minutes feels the same.”

Baby clothes and hats!

Baby pacifier

Diaper bag use code FPxDani for 20% off 🙂

Cute name platewith “Stella” on it!!

Tripod and clicker for picture timeee!



Pro Tip from Aubrey:

“When you want to get sweet newborn photos, dress Stella up before putting her down to sleep so you can take pics while she naps.”

What NOT to bring!

Prenatal vitamins – I’ve been told the hospital most likely won’t let me bring or take my own medicine, but they will provide these for me.

Sweatshirt – not really needed unless I want it for the ride home!

Pro Tip from Aubrey:

“You don’t need a sweatshirt for a few reasons. You’ll be hooked up to IV’s and such – that’s why the hospital gowns have buttons in the sleeves. Plus, sweatshirts are hard to nurse in & you’ll be HOT!!  You won’t want the room cold after Stella is born, because she can’t regulate temperature. The nurses will help you change into clothes while you have an IV in and after you shower. I would recommend wearing something that opens for easier nursing & skin on skin contact – like a robe & loose PJ pants.”

Towels – Aubrey helped by telling me: “Personal preference! Hospital towels are fine. And there are towels galore! I had the bathroom floor covered and ”housekeeping” came in to clean and and bring fresh towels frequently. There will be so much going on, that a home towel will be the last thing on your mind. And you probably will take two showers at the most.”

Vava light – was going to bring this, but was told there are plenty of lights in the hospital that I won’t really be able to turn off anyways, so no need.

Music speakers – Aubrey made a good point: “Once Stella arrives, you won’t want loud music playing, you’ll want to be able to hear every coo, sneeze and sound she makes! It’s beautiful!! And you’ll want her to hear your voices as much as possible too.”

Nipple cream, Haaka pump, Frida mom postpartum kit, Baby shusher – I will need all of this at home but not at the hospital! They will provide all of this there.

Pro Tip from Aubrey about C-sections:

“I had to have csections both times, and as soon as they let you walk post surgery, take your time. They won’t take out your catheter until you can walk to restroom. Sit on the edge of the bed with feet on the ground and take a few deep breaths. 9 months preggos should do this too if you get lightheaded in the mornings.  Listen to your body and be your own advocate. If something doesn’t feel right speak up. I insisted I felt light headed and not normal and I ended up having to have a blood transfusion! The doctor was shocked because I didn’t loose much blood during the surgery. They don’t know how you feel unless you say something.

And if you have a csection, you still bleed and need diapers!! NO ONE told me that!! So advice: be open to how baby arrives. I was induced twice and never dilated after my due date. Baby was 9 pounds 1 ounce. So c-section was a blessing in disguise. God is in control, not a birth plan. Most important is both mom and baby are healthy.”

Shoutout to Aubrey for being the real MVP and sending me so much helpful advice!! I’m sure this list isn’t final – I will be adjusting as I learn more from you guys, I’m sure! SO please let me know below what else I should add to my hospital bag, take off, change… I am getting so EXCITED!


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  • Reply
    September 28, 2020 at 3:00 am

    Thanks for all the great info! One thing I would add is get nursing/pumping friendly bras that are both. In case your milk doesn’t come in right away you may have to pump and you will want to do it hands free.

  • Reply
    Aubrey 😍
    September 28, 2020 at 8:52 pm

    Just so happy for you!!

  • Reply
    October 1, 2020 at 4:33 pm

    I wouldn’t recommend a pacifier immediately, if you can hold off! You’ll want Stella to get used to your nipple and shape and to suck on you rather than a pacifier. Nipple confusion is real and you want Stella to always prefer you over pacifier. Also, babies will prefer different shapes of pacifiers. My first loved a flat style pacifier and my second loved the round style. Let Stella decide what she likes but be prepared with different shaped paci’s! Congrats and good luck!!!

  • Reply
    October 3, 2020 at 10:39 am

    If they allow Jordan to stay the night in your room pack a comfy outfit for him. An extra pillow, blanket, eye mask, ear plugs, toothbrush! Make sure he has his outfit picked out for Stella’s first family photo shoot.

    The nurses will be your 2nd mommas while your there. They taught me so much. Even if it was something as small as baby’s first bath. If you’re like me and appreciate hand written cards then pack some pretty thank you cards. I wrote one to each of the nurses who helped me those first two days. When I delivered my 2nd baby at the same hospital nurses remembered me.

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