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Friendsgiving is one of my FAVE “holidays” of the year 😏 Food, friends, and thanks – I WILL TAKE IT! Honestly though, making and keeping friends after college has been such a struggle for me. I made The Sassy Club because I was trying to create a solution to my OWN problem, not because I’m some kinda expert! I have ended up making some really sweet friends through The Sassy Club, and it always makes me so happy to hear about y’all’s friendship stories! 

This year, I’m getting ready to throw the ultimate Friendsgiving shindig, and it is gonna be so 👏 cute 👏. I don’t know about y’all, but at my house growing up, Thanksgiving is when the FANCYYY plates come out. It was a big deal! Now that I’ve moved into my own house, and I’m able to host for the first time, I really wanted to have my own special dishes and home decor.

I found my FAVES at MacKenzie-Childs. You guys, their patterns are so fun and unique! Whether you are hosting a Friendsgiving or maybe even hosting your first family Thanksgiving this year, I wanted to share how I’m preparing for the festivities.

dani austin mackenzie-childs home decor holiday hosting-10
dani austin mackenzie-childs home decor holiday hosting-10

MacKenzie-Childs Kitchen Decor

  1. How stunning are the Sweetbriar dinner plates?! Seriously, I want to eat every meal off of them! I wanted something simple enough that I can use them year-round, but still unique. I bought some more brightly colored pieces to accent these.
  2. Speaking of bolder pieces… the Courtly Check Enamel chargers give such a cute, fall-feeling contrast. I got the bowls in two sizes, plates, and in some serving bowl sizes.
  3. Have takeaway bowls ready to go for leftovers! I was seeing what amazing ideas other people had, and mah girl Kelley Nan made me realize, ain’t no way Jordan and I can eat all of the Thanksgiving leftovers! So I’m grabbing some cheap Tupperware from IKEA to send people home with food. 
  4. These Gingham Trim Print Napkins are the cutest little detail! When I’m setting the table, the most important thing for me is that everything ties together. With all of the other patterns going on, these simple napkins are the perfect finishing touch.
  5. Before people come over, make sure that every room has a box of Kleenex! It’s the little touches like these that make a house feel like home.
dani austin mackenzie-childs home decor holiday hosting-10
dani austin mackenzie-childs home decor holiday hosting-10
  1. I am *obsessed* with these heirloom wine glasses! They are so funnnn! I kept most of my other dishes on the simpler side because I knew I wanted these to be the stars of the show 😏
  2. When I saw the Blooming Tumblers I like SLAMMED that add to cart button 🤣 I love clear glasses, especially when they have some detail. These are neutral enough to use at any meal, but I’m probably just gonna break them out for special occasions. 
  3. I am one of those people who just really likes every detail to be perfect when I’m hosting something. Like if I’m in, I am ALL IN. So I wanted to switch out my normal fruit bowl for one that matches the rest of the kitchen. The Flower Market Everything Bowl is so funky and I know I’ll use it all the time! 
  4. This is one of those tips that everybody’s mom has said since the beginning of time, but somehow I have STILL done this multiple times… Ladies, do NOT try to cook something you’ve never cooked before! If you are DETERMINED to do this, you’ve gotta either make it early enough that you’d have time to try again if it doesn’t go so well the first time lol… BEEN THERE.
  5. I’m gonna be cookin’ up a STORM (okay fine I might order in some of the food…). But when I AM cookin’ it’s gonna be in STYLEEE 😏How fun is this pot?! Y’all are gonna be walking in, and I’m gonna be wearing a cute apron, stirring something over the stove in this cute pot just to show it off 🤣
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What are your tips and tricks for Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving?! It’s my first year hosting so I would love ANY advice you have! 

Happy hosting!


Thank you to MacKenzie-Childs for sponsoring this post. As always, all thought and opinions are my own.