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How I Use K Tape During Pregnancy!

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Right off the bat, here’s my disclaimer: I’m no doctor! But I *can* tell you that pregnancy can have a pretty intense effect on your lower back 🤪 I have been pretty motivated to keep up my fitness routines during pregnancy, even though I’ve had to adjust them. Ya girl ain’t running so much these days, but I’ve still done consistent workouts throughout my pregnancy and the bigger Stella’s gotten, the more intense the back pain. I started using K tape to help provide a little more support for my lower back and glutes, so I thought I’d share the process!

The basic idea is that K tape can help relieve some of the pressure of the added weight of a baby bump. It’s super easy. There are three pretty common ways to apply the tape – I’ll share how I do it first!

1. All over!

I use K tape my whole belly up one strip at a time, and make sure to go underneath the bump, too. Then I connect it to tape on my lower back.

2. Two strips

If you wanna save some K tape, you can try the most basic taping method, which is basically just taking two strips of tape (the same size), and taping from your spine to under your belly button (under the bump). Do this on both sides and voilà! You’re good to go.

3. The star method

For this method, you start with a straight piece of K tape across your lower back. Then, on each side of your lower back/hips, you add pieces of K tape to make an asterisk-like star.

If you wanna see a doctor apply the tape, there are a bunch of Youtube videos! Whatever method you go with, your lower back and glutes should feel a bit of pressure taken off. If you try any of the methods, let me know! Your back will thank you 🤰


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    Keyanna Suddreth
    October 25, 2020 at 9:04 pm

    You’re the first person I’ve ever heard talk about K tape! I hadn’t even heard of it until now. I’m so glad that I read this, though, because I 100% intend to keep working out when I am going through pregnancy in the future. I know that back pain is a big deal and just a thing in general that comes along with growing a baby. I definitely will want to do whatever I can to decrease the pain and discomfort when the time comes. Thanks for sharing Dani!


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