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I’m Pregnant! 😍


In case ya hadn’t heard… Jordan and I are pregnant!!!!!  I’ve kept some little secrets from y’all over the years, but this one was a DOOZY. I still can’t believe that I kept this a secret for 18 WEEKS! I thought my hair loss secret was a big one, but keeping this lil mango-sized cutie on the DL was definitely the bigger challenge – especially when I couldn’t really disguise my bump as a food baby anymore! It’s a real baby – growing in mah tummy?!?! We are SO excited.

Seeing all of the heartache in the world as we are about to bring a new life into into it has really made us stop and think. Our awareness has been so heightened. We have a responsibility to raise our child to LOVE others well, in every way. We are praying and planning for our child to stand up against injustice, to choose the good but hard way, rather than the bad but easy. We’re trying to find lots of different ways to make sure our kid is surrounded by this conversation, like through children’s books and other media etc, in ADDITION to what we want to teach through our own words and actions. If you have more ideas, pleaseee leave them below!

Even in the middle of so much hurt and brokenness, we are thankful for our lil reminder that the Lord is bringing so much good, too. So much learning, so much growing – SO long overdue, but happening now. Myself, Jordan, and my team are all learning intentionally about how we can be better allies.

Being pregnant has had some crazy physical challenges that I never expected! I have acne everywhere, I’m not sleeping well, and this nugget decided to get comfy kicking my RIBS the other day! Y’all – it’s no joke, that freaking hurts! Thank you all for the support and help you’ve already offered during this journey! I love that I have such an amazing community to get advice from!

I also can’t believe I TRICKED y’all about not drinking alcohol on the weeknights LOL! Pregnant Dani is sneakkyyyy hehe ðŸĪŠ I can’t wait to share everything else I’ve been doing to make pregnancy the best! It’s so crazy that there is a little person kicking around inside of me RIGHT NOW… I forget sometimes and then look down at my unbuttoned pants and remember lol!

We are super excited to welcome this kiddo into the world and can’t WAIT to meet him or her (we don’t know the gender yet, ahh)! Seriously, these things take a while to cook – I’m getting impatient LOL! We are finding out the gender soon, and we have names picked either way! Take a guess at what we’re thinking below! 🙂



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