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Our Ireland Adventure with Noken!

2019 has been my year of exploration. The travel bug has hit me – HARD – and feel like I’ve spent more time with my head in the clouds (literally!) than I have with my feet on the ground. Spending more time abroad this year has shaped me so much. Traveling has challenged my viewpoints, connected me with amazing people (new and old!), and has given me experiences I never dreamed of!

The only drawback is that y’all, travel means a LOT of planning. I tend to be more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl, but when you’re going to another COUNTRY, and you haven’t booked a place to SLEEP, you start to regret your spontaneity lol. All of a sudden, traveling gets kind of stressful, which is a bummer when you’re supposed to be having a once in a lifetime experience. But then, BOOM BABY! Noken saved the day and stole my heart 😏 

I was so excited to partner with Noken because not only is it the BEST travel app I have ever used – but it’s also such an approachable price point for ANYONE traveling. Noken does all of the organizational heavy lifting for you. Lemme break it down for ya:

  • Noken helps you plan your DREAM trip, complete with itineraries, reservations, and recommendations!
  • They hook you up with actual Country Experts who have the inside scoop on all the best attractions. 
  • Once you solidify your itinerary, it’s all conveniently located inside the app, along with your reservations, dinner recommendations, and more! Easy peasy.
  • You pay $5 per person per day, so for a 7 day trip for two people, it’s $70 – or $35 per person. Guys – that’s like hiring a super convenient, expert travel agency and only paying $35 for the whole plan! 
  • They are continuously updating the App throughout the trip, so you can update it whenever you connect to Wifi by logging out and logging back in. Otherwise, it will work offline!

Knowing that everything is covered ahead of time and all of my plans, addresses, and reservations are all in one place on my phone? That honestly decreases my stress level by 1000! I tend to travel a lot for work, so this is SUCH a time saver too.

I was so excited to try Noken out firsthand, and when I heard I was heading to Ireland with my girls I broke out into a happy dance 💃. Like HELLO, YES!!!! Before I started to prep, I checked out Noken’s “before you go” section. It told me everything I needed to know about visa and documentation stuff, currency, mobile Internet access, and even a packing guide and general info about how to get around/safety tips! (Did you know that the Irish 911 equivalent is 112 or 999? You do now 😉)


dani austin noken travel ireland itnerary

Here’s the rest of our itinerary for any of you who have Ireland on your bucket list!

Day 1: we started by grabbing breakfast (it gives you the top 5 recommended places!) and checking into our hotel before we started exploring Dublin! The best part about Noken is that it gives you a bunch of ideas; like the Christ Church Cathedral or the Dublin Castle, but unless you already booked or reserved it, you aren’t locked into anything! 

Day 2: Next, we hopped onto a train and headed to Killarney, checked into our (super cute!) hotel, and exploring the Killarney Park.

Day 3: Our driver, Mick, picked us up from the hotel, and we explored the Ring of Kerry! It is SO COOL GUYS. It’s right by the sea and has a ton of pretty, historic houses. When we came back to the hotel, we treated ourselves to a lil spa evening.

Day 4: We were planning on checking out the famous Cliffs of Moher, but it was too windy! But we still visited the Burren National Park and grabbed dinner at Pullman Restaurant (*highly* recommend).

Day 5: WE WERE GALWAY GIRLS. That’s right y’all, we were living the Ed Sheeran song irl hehe. We booked a whiskey cocktail making class which was so fun and unique.

dani austin galway ireland noken travel itinerary

It was such a sweet time to be with my girls and make some new friends (we love you, Mick!). Using Noken was seriously so easy and convenient, and kept us on track so we didn’t miss anything. 

Learn more about Noken here! I’m already eye-balling their Japan trip, which looks INCREDIBLE.

One of my goals in 2019 was to travel more and I’m not going to stop in 2020! What about you?! Any destinations on your bucket list?