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Letting the Small Stuff Go

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Letting the Small Stuff Go

You know when you wake up and from the second you get out of bed, you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? A friend is upset with you for a simple miscommunication, your work life is piling up, and your regrets from eating that entire pizza last night is looming over you. YOU GOTTA LET IT GO and I believe in you!

There are so many little (and bigger!) things that can hold us down if we let them. When we invite bitterness inside, it gets comfy. It packs a suitcase. It settles down, raids your beauty products, eats the food out of your fridge – IT TAKES OVER YOUR LIFE! 

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I don’t want bitterness to ever make its home here, so I try to actively slam that door. These are my steps for overcoming life’s trivialities:

1. Don’t dwell on it – keep moving!

If I sat there and thought about this stuff for too long, I think I would go crazy. 🤪 Instead, I choose to channel my energy elsewhere. Ya girl’s got a lot to do, and it’s a silly waste of time to focus on the negatives! You can go for a run, get some work done, read your Bible, talk to a friend. Get it out of your system and keep going, girl!

2. Know your value and your heart.

Sometimes life can really sting, dude! If I can’t just brush something off, I put on my armor and I FIGHT. But I don’t fight the person who was mean, or the situation at hand – I fight the lies with the TRUTH. I grab my Bible and read some Scripture, or sing along to some worship music, or I talk to Jordan or a friend and walk away feeling encouraged, knowing that I processed it fully and then I let it goooo like boy byeeeee.

3. It’s all about perspective.

The “little things” can sometimes feel really big. Ultimately, what do some mean comments have on me when I think about the BLESSINGS in my life? I have a Savior who loves me; I’m married to my boo thang; I have a job I love and a healthy family and friends. Sometimes I just have to step back and be like “I am not dismissing this “small” thing as unimportant, but it’s not AS important as these bigger things.” The small stuff matters, but it doesn’t matter AS MUCH as the things you have to be thankful for.

Girlfriend, the next time something is getting you down, don’t hand over the power – remind yourself of who you are. Put it in perspective, say a “thank you” for the things going RIGHT, and let it go Elsa-style – make her proud 😜

How are you letting the small stuff go this week? Let us know in the comments below!


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    January 31, 2020 at 6:40 pm

    I love you girl! Thank you for your words!🙏❤️ I’m not going to let the thoughts I build up in my head control me. (People’s opinions, me no being good enough)

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