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My Fave Baby Products Right Now!

dani austin stella baby products

Stella girl is getting so big!! I just want her to stay this little forever… a few times a week I look at her and I’m like, “who are YOU?! Where did my tiny baby go?!?! But hey… you’re pretty stinkin’ cute too though!” 😘  I am so in love with my girl. Here are my favorite baby products we’ve both been loving lately!


1. Verdes Jumbo Reversible Play Mat

Dani Austin Favorites

We love this mat!! I’ve been putting everything else on top of it, whether it’s toys or even her little playmat. It makes me feel more secure knowing that if she moves around a little bit she’s on a super soft surface.

2. Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby Play Mat

Dani Austin Baby Product Favorites playset

In love with this playmat!! It’s so soft and Stella loves lying down in it and playing with the hanging toys. We can pop her there while we move around the living room or kitchen for a bit (always keeping a very close eye on her obviously)!


1. 3 Pack Unicorn Adventure Sleep N’ Play

Dani Austin Baby Prodcut Favorites 3 pack

These are so cute and soft, and I’m a sucker for a three pack!

2. Heart Print Ribbed Romper Top & Bottom Set

SO sweet and perfect for Valentine’s Day! And being fan of the matching headband – Stella loves her accessories 😉

3. Burts Bees Rompers

Dani Austin Baby Favorites burts bees


Dani Austin Baby Product Favorites burts bees 2

These are some of my favorites!!! They’re a little pricier but they’re the softest onesies ever.

4. Bowanadacles Striped Onesie

Dani Austin Baby Product Favorites striped

How cute is this little number?! If only we could all just walk around in onesies and matching headbands all day 🤪

4. Bowanadacles Striped Onesie

Dani Austin Favorites bow

A girl’s gotta accessorize! I always knew I’d dress my girl up in bows, just like her mama 💁


1. Storage Caddy

Dani Austin Baby Favorites basket

We use this all the time! It’s perfect for storing diapers and towels. We usually keep it home but I love that the handles will make for easy travel if we ever take a long enough trip to need it.

2. BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier

Dani Austin Baby Product Favorites babybjorn

Everyone told me this was a must-have. EVERYONE WAS RIGHT. We use this at least once a day. It frees up your hands while keeping baby close! It’s easy to use and comfortable and totally worth it.

3. Milk Snob Cover

dani austin milk snob cover

I recommend this as a baby gift for anyone in your life! It’s super versatile and affordable. We use ours all the time.

4. Doona Car Seat and Stroller

We switched over to the Doona because my mom got it for us for Christmas. It’s amazing!!! We never have to carry a car seat anymore because it’s a seat and stroller in one and it works so well. It saves time and space BUT it has no storage and they outgrow it in 12 months. It’s pricey, but it’s my fave because it’s just made life a lot easier.

I love sharing our fave baby products with y’all – we are learning along the way and so many of these things are because of your recommendations, so thank you! Soon to be mamas – I have a postpartum product guide for you here! What have you been loving?


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