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My Postpartum Essentials!

dani austin postpartum essentials
Y’all, being a mom is the best, hardest, most exhausting, exciting, wonderful thing ever. And it’s only been a few days! I am trying to keep it as real as always and wanted to share everything the has been helping during my postpartum recovery.

1. Sublime Nursing Bra

Dani Austin Postpartum Sublime Nursing Bra

Nursing bras are the best invention. This one is my fave because it’s so soft! Jordan calls it my boobie bandit 😂

2.  Davinci Maya Glider and Ottoman

Dani Austin Postpartum Davinci Glider and Ottoman

I’m just living on this glider. It’s the comfiest thing in the house for nursing at this point.

3. Donut Cushion

Dani Austin Postpartum Donut Cushion

This has been really helpful for postpartum issues down there. I’ve just been carrying this around with me all around the house.

4. White Label Swaddling Cloths

Dani Austin Postpartum Swaddling Cloths

Stella girl is using these like crazy. We’re big fans around here1

5. Nursing Pillow Cover

Ladies, my milk is IN and it is getting EVERYWHERE. And when milk isn’t getting everywhere, any other number of bodily fluids are 🤪 So having pillow covers to change is essential.

6. Kimono

Dani Austin Mason Grey Kimono

I’m basically functioning in PJs and a robe all day, and I’m loving this one. Sooo comfy and such a pretty print!

7. Sleep Mask

Dani Austin Sleep Mask

Sleep is rare these days! When it comes, I gotta make it count. It’s definitely not uncommon to sleep with the lights on right now with feedings every two hours, so this comes in handy.

8. Frida Bath Postpartum Tablets

Dani Austin Postpartum Frida Bath Tablets

I took a bath last night and these are really soothing for the recovery area down there. They’re all natural and help your recovery to speed up!

9. Vava Night Light

Dani Austin Postpartum VAVA Night Light

For the times we do sleep with the lights off, this bad boy helps a ton. It’s cordless and you can hold it down to get dimmer, or double tap to turn it on, it’s amazing. 2am feedings, here I come!

10. Frida Postpartum Recovery Kit

Dani Austin Postpartum Frida Labor and Recovery Kit

This kit has been a lifesaver. It comes with mama diapers, ice maxi pads, perineal foam and other postpartum essentials.

11. Comfy PJs

Dani Austin Postpartum Pajamas

I cannot stress. How important. This is. 😂 I am in PJs ALL the time. Make sure to invest in the comfiest pairs you can find because you’re gonna be putting them on and off so much – it’s basically your new “work” uniform!

12. Nipple Cream

Ladies – the girls get chapped. They really do lol. Breastfeeding is no joke! A good nipple balm has made such a difference. I’d suggest grabbing a few so you can just have them around the house by all of your nursing “stations”.

13. Hatch Changing Pad

Dani Austin Postpartum Hatch Changing Pad

I am a biggg fan of this. It doubles as a scale which is helpful because we’ve been trying to track Stella’s feedings to see how much she’s getting. There’s an app you can even use to track with this!

14. Pipette Baby Balm

Dani Austin Postpartum Baby Balm

I have been using this on Stella – it’s so hydrating and it’s supposed to help restore baby’s natural skin.

14. Muslin Burp Cloths

Dani Austin Muslin burp cloths

BURP CLOTHS. Walmart. ‘Nuff said.

15. Breast Gel Pads

Dani Austin Postpartum Breast Gel Pads

My nipples have been hurting from breastfeeding so these are SO wonderful. They bring at least a lil relief!

I will definitely want to keep adding to this as I continue to recover, so check back in here and on my stories as this list grows! Thank you all SO much for all of the love – Stella, Jordan, and I feel it!! And ladies – our bodies were MADE for this. It’s hard, but incredible. Don’t be afraid – it’s so so worth every tiny inconvenience for my girl.


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  • Reply
    Keyanna Suddreth
    October 28, 2020 at 3:58 pm

    Taking so many notes here as you continue to share your journey with all of us! No where near pregnant or being postpartum, but I sure love being prepared for the future in any possible way. So I am totally saving these tips and product recommendations. Thanks Dani!

    I hope you’re healing well and feeling stronger with each day! <3


  • Reply
    October 29, 2020 at 12:31 am

    The link to your pajamas is actually a back massager!

  • Reply
    November 6, 2020 at 1:19 am

    Taking notes, keeping the list for sure to reference! Thank you so much!

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