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Owlet Care Smart Sock – Our Experience!

dani austin owlet care smart sock

Lemme tell y’all about the Owlet Care Smart Sock.

Before I had Stella, sleeping wasn’t usually a big issue for me. Y’all know, 2020 was the year of being in bed by 8pm babyyyy! Every once in a while, we might push it to 9 – Jordan and I are party animals like that 💃 I love sleep, and generally speaking, I’m pretty dang good at it. Obviously, when you throw a baby into the mix, your sleep schedule changes juuuust a bit 🤪

At this point, Stella is actually sleeping so well. She usually sleeps through the night, but she’s a little sleep talker! I keep her monitor at my bedside, and every time she starts babbling, I wake up in a frenzy, terrified that something’s wrong. I guess it’s the mothering instincts in me? Anxiety kicks in instantly and my adrenaline goes through the roof, and even though she’s always totally fine, my body can’t get back to sleep.

I decided to try out the Owlet Care Smart Sock in hopes that it would help solve this issue.

The Smart Sock is basically a super smart baby monitor. I put it on Stella’s ankle and it monitors her heart rate and oxygen levels. If anything isn’t okay, it notifies me on the app. It even tracks her sleeping patterns! Cool, right?

We’ve been using it for a few weeks and y’all – IT FEELS GOOD TO SLEEP. I have so much more peace of mind, and it doesn’t bother Stella at all. I would personally recommend this to any new mom who is learning how to do it all. It’s challenging to leave your baby to sleep through the night – but it’s also challenging to not sleep yourself.

We have to take care of ourselves, too, mamas (and dadas)!

I will say – we don’t use the camera. We’ve just been able to mute our video monitor that we already had. The reviews I’ve read online about the camera aren’t great, so I would just recommend getting the sock itself and saving yourself some time and money.

I didn’t know how much I needed this until I was sleep deprived and stressed 😅 And now I want to recommend this to every mama I know! What’s an ingenious baby product that you think every mom should have? Here’s a full list of mine right now!


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