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Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician in a Meet and Greet!

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Stella is almost herrreeee! We are visiting Stella’s maybe soon-to-be pediatrician soon and I’ve been wondering how to know if they are a good fit. It can honestly be a little overwhelming! We want to make sure that our pediatrician fits our lifestyle and whatever Stella’s lifestyle turns out to be. We also obviously want to make sure that they are the best available, but I wasn’t sure HOW to make sure of that. After all, I’m not a doctor!

The other day I shared with you guys that I put together a list of questions I’m asking my pediatrician, and I asked you all to send me more suggestions. I’m sure this isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’s a start! I wanted to share in case it’s helpful for any other mama-to-be’s out there 💞

Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician in a Meet and Greet!

  1. What hospital are you associated with?
  2. Do you communicate via email or is there a portal of some sort?
  3. What’s your philosophy on ______?
  4. How do you handle emergencies if Stella were to need immediate help?
  5. Do you offer any early, late, or weekend appointments?
  6. Do you have any sub specialties?
  7. Any new research in regards to babies and COVID?
  8. Do you allow mothers to nurse during shots?
  9. Do you suggest a pediatric urgent care in the area?
  10. How early do you communicate potential developmental issues to parents?
  11. Is this a solo or group practice? If it’s solo, who covers you when you’re gone?
  12. What made you want to be a pediatrician?
  13. Can you take care of your patients through college or only through 18?
  14. Do you offer same day appointments?
  15. What is your policy on vaccinations?

One last suggestion I got was to just go with my gut. If I have a question, do they seem irritated and avoid answering, or are they happy to help and answer thoroughly? I am definitely going to keep that in mind.

What else would you suggest asking? This is obviously my first time doing this, so I’d love to know! ❤️


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