TOP Shops to Support Right Now

dani austin quarantine Starbucks cups support Lauren Mackenzie decals

It’s time to shop til you drop… right back onto your couch! We all know that the economy is whack right now and small businesses in particular are hurting 💔 It’s literally my JOB to tell you guys which shops are the best and I feel like I’d be doing a huge disservice if I didn’t share a few of my absolute fave local and/or small businesses that really need our support right now. We’re all stuck at home online shopping, right?! Well, if you support these shops, you’re gonna be totally stocked up for when lockdown is over AND you don’t even have to feel guilty about it! So if you can, treat yoselves, ladies! The time is NOW ❤️

Amaryllis Apparel

dani austin quarantine amaryllis support gold dress

Y’all, Amaryllis has the CUTEST clothes at the best prices. Their pieces are such good quality and they really invest in their brand. I could literally go the whole summer just in their outfits 😍 PLUS, right now, they’re donating 15% of all proceeds to the Hope for Health COVID-19 Program. Y’all, they are doing the most. The least we can do is grab that dress we’ve been drooling over, amiright?!

Keeks Designer Handbags

dani austin quarantine keeks support gucci handbag

Keeks is my goldmine. My hidden treasure. The twinkle in my eye 🤩 I didn’t tell y’all about this for SO long because it’s kind of my little secret lol! But what the heck – everybody needs this shop in their life! Keeks sells gently used designer bags at a fraction of the price. It’s MAGIC. I snagged the CUTEST Gucci bag recently – it was such a steal! If you’ve been wanting to splurge, do it here and save so much $$$!


dani austin quarantine geometry house support tea towel

Idk about y’all, but I am SICK of looking at my house rn lol! That’s why I’m spicing it up *affordably* with some cute new tea towels! I personally don’t love your typical kitchen tea towel. I feel like they’re always so cheap and scratchy and don’t even soak up much water? It’s like they’re made to be thrown away. I wanted something more sustainable and these Geometry towels are IT. Tea towels are literally all they do – and they NAIL it. They’re absorbent and gorgeous – there are 15 pages of designs to look through! – and all at a fair price. 

The Blushing Brushes

If you are scrambling to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift (or ANY gift, really!), you’ve got to check out this amazing artist. She sent me a watercolor painting of Hazel and Lola and I CRIED. It’s stunning! She is open for commissions so get on it so it’s ready in time! 

Lauren Mackenzie Decals – aka the Starbucks cups!

dani austin quarantine Starbucks cups support Lauren Mackenzie decals

I drink from these literally EVERY day. I have so many designs! These are perfect as a gift (hello personalization!) or just for yourself! If your mom is a coffee girl, this would be such a sweet surprise. I love the cold cups but the hot cups look super cute too!

If y’all support any of these businesses take a pic and tag me! I would love to share on my stories. If you wanna shop some more, here are some other local-to-Dallas shops to support. Which small businesses are you supporting right now?


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