Dani Austin KAY Jewelers Mother's Day Gift Ideas Bracelets 2020

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we don’t want our mamas to be forgotten even in the middle of what’s going on! So many moms (and dads!) are having to step up into crazy roles right now. I feel like this Mother’s Day is even more important to celebrate than usual! I put together some fun gift ideas – including ideas for your own mom, but maybe even ideas for how to bless the other moms in your life! Maybe it’s your sister-in-law juggling kiddos and working from home, or your bestie who’s preggo in quarantine! This is another super fun way to bless each other 🙂

Vitamin C Serum

Errrrybody needs some vitamin C in their LIFE! If you didn’t know, vitamin C is one of the BEST things you can do for your skin. It’s so brightening, it’s totally natural, and it just makes your skin that much healthier. Sephora is having a huge sale right now so I’m including a few items that are perfect for ANY mom on your list!

Equilibria Mother’s Day Box

dani Austin mothers day gift guide equilibria cbd

I feel like getting your mom CBD oils is like the “edgy” gift 🤣 Of course, there’s nothing actually edgy about it at all! I LOVE my equilibria products. They help reduce my anxiety without any weird side effects. I was kinda confused about CBD before I tried Equilibria a while back, so I reached out to them and wrote a whole post all about it! If you have questions about CBD, check it out! I genuinely think it’s one of the best gifts you can give to almost anybody! PSA though, probably don’t give this to mommas to be because there hasn’t been a lot of testing for how CBD affects pregnancies. To get the Mother’s Day box, the last date to order in time is May 1 and you can use promo code DANIAUSTIN for 15% off!

This Bathtub Caddy!

Oh my goodness, this is the bathtub caddy of my DREAMS and it’s actually affordable, too! This bamboo caddy has so many little compartments and nifty built-in features, like a part to prop up a book or a tablet to read or watch something, and even a space for your wine glass LOL! Sign me up! Definitely one of my favorite Mother’s Day ideas this year.

Barefoot Dreams blanket and cardigan

If y’all haven’t gotten onto the hype train yet, ALL ABOARD! 👩‍✈️ Barefoot Dreams items are so freaking soft – this is the perfect way for moms to get cozy during quarantine! Spoil your mama with either one because honestly – I used both as blankets lol!

Custom Necklace

dani Austin mothers day gift guide custom necklace jewelry

How cute are these?! I honestly want one for me and my mom! These wouldn’t be ready in time for actual Mother’s Day, but they’d be super cute to give in person after quarantine lifts 💕

Custom Mug

dani austin custom mug mothers day

We have these super cute personalized pup mugs and they’re only $22! Put your face on it, your mom’s face on it, a family photo – whatever you want!

Milk Frother

Let your momma make her coffee a little more exciting! These cuties come in so many colors and are only $15!

Voluspa Diffuser

dani Austin gift guide diffuser

This diffuser is so classy and such a great deal, too! It’s on sale for $18! 😱 Run, don’t walk ladies!

These Cutie Bracelets!

dani Austin mothers day gift guide bracelets

I love these!! I especially love that it’s like a friendship bracelet situation! So sweet.

This $5 Anthro Initial Mug?!

These are so pretty and literally so affordable?! They’re on sale right now so grab’s before they’re gone! I think these would be PERFECT to get friends if you wanna give a small gift to the mom friends in your life too!

Voluspoa Classic Candle Duo

dani Austin mothers day gift guide voluspa candles

Kinda boujee candles make the best gifts lol! These are so pretty and are honestly reasonably priced, too! Since they’re rose themed, you could have a bottle of rose and a bouquet of roses delivered, too!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair 

dani Austin mothers day gift guide Sephora estee Lauder advanced night repair serum

If you really wanna pamper your mama, this is the way to go! Us ladies love a good skincare product, amiright?! Plus this serum is part of the Sephora sale, so it’s easier on your wallet, too!

What I Love About Mom Book

dani Austin gift guide what I love about mom book

This is such a cute idea! You fill in the blanks so your mom has a little book of love! I honestly think my mom would get emotional if I gave her this, and I probably would too lol! Plus, it’s only $10!!! You could even pair this with another small gift or a gift card to a local massage place to support after quarantine is lifted!

Victoria Emerson Bracelets

dani austin victoria emerson bracelets mothers day gift guide

These are SO pretty! I got some of these for Jordan’s mom recently. They’re 40% off right now too!

Best Mom Tumbler

Y’all know I’m a sucker for a cute tumbler!! This is so sweet! Your mom will be reminded every time she drinks her morning coffee or iced tea! I think I might even like this better than the mug because it’s so easy to take on the go, and mamas are BUSY! Only $18 on Amazon!

Cozy PJs

Everybody needs a cozy pair of PJs and I feel like it’s the kind of thing a lot of moms don’t bother to treat themselves to! Get her a really cute AND comfy pair! These ones are from Amazon and come in a BUNCH of different patterns.

Shawl Wrap

Help mom stay cute and comfy with one of these shawllllls! They have so many colors to choose from and they have free shipping from Amazon.

Rapid Egg Cooker

Okay so I’m a firm believer that EVERYone needs one of these lol! It cooks eggs so fast and in so many ways! I made an omelet for Jordan in this the other day and it was so fluffy. Anything to make cooking more fun, I’m an advocate for 😂

Kitchen Knife Set

I just got this set of white kitchen knives for us and they are SO pretty! Plus when I told my mom that they were under $100, she said that was a really good price point!

Mini Waffle Maker

If your mom hasn’t tried the cinnamon roll waffle hack yet, this is the time! These are such cute gifts and come in so handy, too!

Wake Up Light

dani Austin mothers day gift guide wake up light

This is one of our fave things in the house! It’s an alarm that wakes you up with simulated “natural light” to help your body wake up naturally. It’s also so great to have in the winter if you struggle with SAD.

Snatch that Sephora!

If you want to grab some items for your mom from the Sephora sale, my top recommendations are linked here! My mom loves body sprays and products that smell really good, so I included her fave scents, and some with really pretty packaging that might make her feel bad and boujee hehe.

I’m extra excited to celebrate the moms in my life this year! How are you celebrating even in quarantine? Let me know what you give your mom below!