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August 31, 2021

instagram giveaway winners

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Sassy mamas! If you follow my Instagram stories you know I LOVE doing giveaways to treat my girls. You all have become like family to Jordan and I and we think it’s the least we can do to give back, especially recently! Our hearts are overflowing by how many people enter these giveaways. For those asking, I am keeping a running list of winners below! Whenever a winner is chosen, they are direct messaged to let them know they won, btw!

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my mom beat cancer!

Happy Tornado Day! 👯‍♀️  If ya missed it we made today a familial holiday to celebrate Tornado. 🎉  If you're super new Tornado is my mom’s nickname. Cuz she’s cray. 🤪   It’s been a minute since I have seen my mom laugh. Heck it’s been a second since I have even seen her even smile. 😔  Cancer is the absolute worst.  ...But after 8 grueling weeks of challenges I feel like Tornado is finally feelin’ herself again. 💃  She kicked cancer right in the TUSH. We wanted to make today real special to celebrate. When ya go through cancer in the family it instantly creates a bond with thousands of others who have gone through the same. 💪🏻 

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