The BEST Quarantine Games!

    We are in full on quarantine mode over in le casa Jordani! We’re over the lazy stage of quarantine and into the GOALS stage! Goal 1: get ish done! Goal 2: stay sane 🤪 Goal 3: don’t annoy the heck out of each other in the process 🤣 We’re pretty used to working at home together, but getting out of the house and spending time with other people is our biggest way to spend quality time together outside of work. Unfortunately, COVD-19 had other plans 🙃 So I wanted to get together some new ways for us to have FUN together! And boy did I EVER - did y’all know how many new, crazy board games are out there?! We aren’t talking Candyland or Monopoly these days - this ain’t your mother’s game night! So throw on your fave sweats, grab your quarantine roomies, and play some GAMES! Here are my fave picks!