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    My Guide to an Easy Fall Home Decor Refresh

    walmart fall home decor
    dani austin fall home decor

    Striped Duster Cardigan (S) $15 y’all!!! // White Lace Cami // Similar Jeans // Cognac Booties

    living room fall home decor 2019

    Y’all, it might be 83 degrees outside in Dallas right now, but it is FALL inside of our house! As soon as Starbucks releases their PSLs, I start to get a tingly sensation throughout my whole body in anticipation of cozy blankets. Bonfire nights. Plaid everything.

    Something takes over me and all of a sudden I am browsing the aisles at Walmart grabbing anything that smells (or looks) like a pumpkin. But hey, my autumn obsession is your win, right?

    I’ve done some redecorating and found some CA-UTE (and affordable!) things from Walmart to transform your space (and also your wardrobe?! is KILLING it this season, guys!). Here are some of my top tips for fall-ifying your space.

    dani austin striped cardigan walmart

    Striped Duster Cardigan (S) $15 y’all!!! // White Lace Cami // Similar Jeans // Cognac Booties


    I’d have to say my favorite thing about Fall is the outfits!!! Is there really anything better than cozying up in a cardigan (or oversized sweater), a pair of versatile booties and a scarf!? I found the cutest styles from Walmart this year! YES, WALMART. The prices are ah-mazing and I feel like I’m living my best Fall life!

    Scroll down for my FAVORITE outfit I found under $20!!!

    dani austin fall pumpkin pillows


    Every shape, every color, every texture, every material, real, fake – we don’t discriminate. Seriously, pumpkins are like bows: they automatically make everything cuter, they look like more effort than they are, and they don’t cost a lot 🤪 I like to grab a couple for my front door, a few little ones for tabletops and windowsills, and varying sizes to play around with. 

    Cream Pumpkin Pillow // Similar Rectangular Pillow // Fall Floral Arrangement

    dani austin fall wreath home decor

    Fall Wreath // Ribbed Cardigan Dress (S) // Similar Booties // Yankee Candle (a Fall necessity!)

    Entertain in style!

    It’s the little touches that make the biggest difference. Grab some fall-themed table settings, fabric napkins, and candles to make the house feel homier. One of my fave tricks is to tie some fake fall flowers onto your fabric napkins – it only takes a minute, but it elevates the look so much and really shows that you took the time.

    dani austin fall wreath home decor

    Fall Wreath // Ribbed Cardigan Dress (S) // Similar Booties // Yankee Candle (a Fall necessity!)

    If ya like it then ya shoulda put a WREATH on it 🤪

    Lastly, I like to switch up the wreath on our front door… you know, just in case anyone still thinks it’s summer 😉 But really, it’s such a cute and easy change, and it will remind you of all the coziness you’re about to walk into when you open the door 😍

    I love this Ribbed Cardigan Dress to dress up when we have friends over or styled more casually opened up with a t-shirt and jeans!

    While I was busy decorating, Hazel was cuddled up with her new stuffed animal. HOW PRECIOUS😭

    What’s your fave thing about Fall? Let me know in the comments below!



    Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this blog post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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