Something about the NSale gets me so excited every year! I created a quick crash course below so you can learn everything you need to for the sale. After hours and hours of searching and adding to my wishlist – here are the top items that you just NEED to add to your cart!


Q: When does the sale start?

A: This year’s sale will take place July 17 – August 6, but if you have a certain level of club access, you might get in by July 11th!

Q: Do I get early access?

A:If you’re a Nordy Club member, you probably get SOME kind of early access. You can create an account or log in online, and check your status from there (your Nordy Club level is based on yearly spend amount, though all cardmembers automatically start at Influencer status. You can only shop Anniversary Sale Early Access as a cardmember). Once you know your status, check below to see if you fall into one of these ranks:

Q: Why preview early?

A: I recommend adding your favorite items to your wish list before your window to shop begins. Since things sell out so quickly, this will give you the fastest strategy to “add to cart” and checkout before your favorite items are gone!

Q: Why is this sale so popular?

A: Great question! The Nordstrom sale is where it’s AT. It always includes tons of newly released items on big sale and items that are NEVER on sale any other time. The great thing about Nordstrom, in general, is that it carries so many brands, so basically just imagine if every store in the mall was having a giant sale at the same time!

Q: What if something I want is out of stock?

A: Still add that item to your wish list! Some items will come in stock mid-way through the sale. I’ll keep y’all updated on Insta stories if something comes in stock!

Favorites From 2022:

Here were the most popular items in 2022. These are all top favorites that you need to stock up on!!

  1. SPANX Faux Leather Leggings

  2. Treasure & Bond Sweater

In this photo, I’m wearing my Spanx leggings & Treasure & Bond sweater

3. Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Throw Blanket

4. Doona Car Seat


5. NUNA Rava


6. Ribbed Bodysuit

Outfit: Ribbed Bodysuit | Felt Hat | Free People Cardigan

7. Adidas Swift Run

8. On Cloud Running Shoes

9. Hanky Panky Original Rise Thong

10. Zella Jersey Shirt


My 2023 Wish List:

1. Barefoot Dreams Picks

2. Women’s Fashion

3. Activewear

4. Accessories

5. Baby

6. Shoes


7. Beauty


What are you looking for this year?! I’ll be popping into Nordstrom on Tuesday and would love to know what I can be be on the lookout for! Keep an eye on my Insta stories that day for a full try on!