Chairs | Vanity Mirror | Rattan Arm Chair | Vases | Green Vase | Lamp | Toodle Pillow

If you told me this summer that my home office space would look like this, I actually might have cried! It’s been a *dream* of mine to have Coats Homes renovate my home office for so long, and working with them was even better than I could have imagined. They are truly some of the most detail-oriented, caring, and creative people I’ve ever worked with. They did so much more than just making the space beautiful – they made sure that it all worked together practically too. It’s hard to find designers who can nail both aesthetics and functionality but their team KILLED it.

This was the original vision:

We kept almost everything but changed just a few things in the end!

dani austin coats homes home office

Coats Homes has been building beautiful custom home designs since 2010, and I’m a huge fan of their work! I love their style and really trust them and their expert craftsmanship. My home is always full of people, whether it’s my team, family members, or friends. I love the hustle and bustle but sometimes I need a little privacy to get anything done! I wanted my office to be a reflection of my personal style and a tucked away space for me to work in peace.

Working with Coats Homes has been a dream.

They are such hard workers and made sure that every step of the process was easy for me. I get overwhelmed making big decisions, but they made sure to give me plenty of options and to help bring my vision to life. It honestly never felt stressful!

Baskets | Olive Tree | Vases | Green Vase

I wanted the aesthetic to feel like DANI.

Most of our home is a good blend of Dani + Jordan, but Jordan’s office is totally Jordan, and I wanted mine to be totally me! It’s pink and girly and pretty without being boring or basic. The floors are hand-painted and the wallpaper is Rebecca Atwood in “Blushing Taupe”.



Vanity Mirror | Rattan Arm Chair | Lamp | Basket | Stacked Boxes

They even cared about the practical building details – like when they painted, they used only water-based paints and made sure to seal off the room so that no fumes would harm Stella or baby boy! Ben Coats is so genuine and he has selected such a wonderful and talented team of good people!

I can honestly get all of my work done from this single space now if I need to! It has this perfect mirror from CB2 to take outfit pics for y’all, my vanity for trying and showing products, and soon a desk will be installed for my brainstorm sessions!

Built-In Clothing Rack

I’m obsessed with my new built in clothing rack!

I had an old one in here that I’ve had since college, and trust me, it has seen better days LOL! This rack is literally built into the wall, so it’s incredibly sturdy. It’s perfect for try on hauls and getting ready for the day.

My pregnant self is especially loving a room to hideout in – mama needs a breather every once in a while 😅   Special thanks to Coats Homes for making this the most special project ever! If you wanna see my team office, you can check it out here! I’m gonna shut these doors and enjoy some solitude now hehe.