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Top 5 Christmas Movies on Netflix

Every year there’s a new batch of Christmas movies on Netflix and I can’t seem to keep up! I’m one of those people who spends hours scrolling on Netflix without finding what I’m looking for and end up turning the tv off and going to sleep…It’s just so overwhelming!! But this year I really want to spend some quality time with my couch and some cuddly feels, and what better way to really bask in the Christmas spirit than by watching a Christmas movie!

I did some research to avoid the inevitable scroll and found the top 5 Christmas movies you have to watch this year on Netflix! I mixed in a few newbies, some classics, and the one’s we can’t leave behind from our childhood. Hope this encourages you to brew some hot chocolate, bake some Christmas cookies, and really appreciate all you have accomplished this year and the One who has provided it all for you. The Christmas movies and cookies are great but I want to encourage you to remember the reason for the season.

Now pull up some Christmas movies and put on your cuddly pj’s, sassy mamas gotta relax for a sec!

What’s your favorite holiday movie??


Top 5 Christmas Movies on Netflix

  1. The Princess Switch. This is a newbie, but I’ve heard amazing reviews. Honestly, I’m not always a princess movie kind of girl but I love all the romantics around the holidays, when love is truly expounding all around us! And I just really love Vanessa Hudgens.
  2. Love Actually. A classic, featuring all the best actors and actresses. I haven’t seen this one in a looong time and am so excited to watch it again because I completely forgot what it’s about, lol. But I know it’s good!!!
  3.  Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I don’t need to say anything about this one.
  4. The Nutcracker. A masterpiece. When I watch this, I become the ballerina I always wanted to be.
  5. A Very Murray Christmas. I’m not sure if I’m a Bill Murray fan or not, but going to try this one on for size. We’ll see!!

Merry Christmas!