Guys, it is time to get BRIDE BOD REDAAAAYYY. Seriously, Sassy mama over here wants to be jAcKeD for my wedding. JK. Not jacked, I just want to feel better and stronger than I ever have before. My workout routine has always been a littttle mediocre. I get really inspired to stay consistent one week and the next week I am just filled with a bunch of excuses. Sleeping in, lack of integrity, the cold weather, and more all keep me in bed instead of getting active right at the start. Since the start of 2018, I have been extremely motivated to workout and take care of my body so I wanted to write a blog post about the biggest factors that help me push through my workouts daily.

Crop top workout outfit15Crop top workout outfit15 Crop top workout outfit15 Crop top workout outfit15Crop top workout outfit15 Crop top workout outfit15 Crop top workout outfit15

Leggings (XS) *I linked similar leggings here too!*

 Sneakers (These are SO lightweight and comfortable. I run in them but they’re not great for the gym.

 Crop Sweatshirt (S)

Sports Bra (Small and $35!!!) I love the fit and price of this. It has decent support for me but I am not that busty *but free returns and exchanges if you end up not liking!*

// Hat //

Fitness Bag //


  1. Accountability

When I moved to Dallas I would go on runs here and there but it wasn’t until I started to workout with my roommate Jeanine that things got serious. There is nothing as helpful as having a friend wake you up and pull you out of bed when you are not feeling motivated. Jeanine and I started working out with a personal trainer and we really made an experience out of it. First, we wake up and make a high protein breakfast together. This includes eggs, blueberries, or anything with peanut butter. Cooking for two is so much better than for one.


  1. Cute Clothes

I am a big believer in dress well, test well. In this case it is dress well, sweat well. Of course, we would forego the full hair and makeup for our workout but we had a lot of fun putting together stylish workout outfits for each workout. Some of our favorite brands were Outdoor Voices, Zella, Nike, Alo, and of course, Lululemon. Our daily workout uniform typically consists of high-waist leggings, crop tops that covered most of your midriff and a cozy sweatshirt and jacket to throw over for traveling from home to the gym. Similar to my outfit pictures above.


  1. Music  

Nothing gets me pumped up for a workout like a good workout playlist. I am someone who is so affected by music and a good pump up jam can change my whole attitude. Honestly, a lot of the music I listen to isn’t necessarily PG…Right now I have been on the hunt for a good Spotify playlist, and the one that I have been focused on is called Good Vibes. I also listen to the top Christian Worship Playlist or a podcast by Bethel Church. This always gets me excited and motivated to push through a tough workout. What are some of your favorite workout playlists on Spotify? Comment down below.


  1. Mental Toughness

I always remind myself that it is mind over matter. At the end of the day I never regret a workout. It is all about conquering your excuses in the first place. So, when I understand that my work life and my personal life are just as important as me taking care of my body, I’m able to prioritize my time in the right way and ensure that I get that hour workout in the morning. But I usually take Sundays off, let’s be real.


  1. Conquer the Morning

If you look at any successful person they always have really strict morning routines. They start their day off right and “conquer the morning”. It sets them up for success for the rest of the day. This is what I have found, too. If I workout at night it gets me so energized that I can’t sleep. If I workout in the morning then I am energized for the rest of the day. I am more productive and much more impactful in everything that I set my mind to that day. Some of my best ideas have actually come from my morning run before I even get my head into work mode. Conquering the morning helps me  conquer the entire rest of the day.


Working out is difficult. Starting to get into a routine with working out is even more so. Just enjoy the process and take the first step. Don’t walk into the gym your first day and expect to walk out with a six pack. Just walk into the gym the first day. The best thing about working out is that it is about iterative and gradual steps of improvement. Just take the first one.



Dani Austin