dani austin hazel golden retriever tie dye shirt anti aging tips tricks

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Anti-aging has been on my mindddd, sassy mamas! Have you had the gray hair moment yet? Or the “oh, so THAT’S what a crow’s foot is…” Or the “ok but when did THAT wrinkle get there?!” Let me just say up front – every year is a blessing, and if I gotta accept some stretch marks and cellulite to keep on LIVIN LIFE, I am not gonna complain! But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good skincare routine, y’all know what I’m sayin’?! There are tons of products that help, but it can get pricey! So while I advise ya to invest in a few GREAT serums, here are some practical tips and tricks to help you cling to that youthful glow without breaking the bank $$$.

1. Buy a satin pillowcase.

This is 100% worth the investment! Satin pillowcases reduce those “sleeping wrinkles” and they help your complexion, too! Plus, they reduce hair breakage and frizz, and are just so freaking comfy!

2. Don’t rub your face.

We’ve all heard it since junior high, but girl you aren’t doing your face any favors when you’re touching or rubbing it throughout the day. All of the things we do to our face everyday create more opportunities for fine lines, so make sure you’re as gentle as possible in your skin routine. Even when you exfoliate, make sure you aren’t pulling on the skin. I love using a skincare cleaning brush like this one, and just a gentle cleanser.

3. Know your oils.

dani austin hazel golden retriever tie dye shirt anti aging tips tricks

I’m not even limiting this to the old you put ON your skin, but more the ones you put IN your body! Fish oil is especially great for keeping your hair and skin youthful, but there are tons of options out there so do some research and find what works for you!

4. SPF it UP!

SPF wasn’t really in my everyday routine for a long time, which is CRAY. I am annoyed at myself for being so behind lol! The sun impacts our skin way more than we give it credit for, and you aren’t really hidden from it in your car or even your office (unless you have no windows obvi). Any light coming through windows counts, too! If you are leaving your house at any point, I don’t care if you’re going on a hike or you’re going to Target – I wanna see sunscreen on that skin, ladies!

5. Drink less booze!

dani austin hazel golden retriever tie dye shirt tips tricks

This one’s pretty self-explanatory 🤷‍♀️ Alcohol dehydrates you and is pretty bad for your system on the whole, especially if you’re overdoing it regularly. Don’t get me wrong, Imma margarita mama 💃 But moderation is key for that anti-aging goodness!

6. Moisturize on the reg.

There are so many good options out there, but I generally think that the simpler, the better. So if you can find just one moisturizer, whether it’s a cream, an oil, or something else, and stick to it, your skin will thank you. And remember to apply it right after you shower or wash your face – seal that hydration right in!

7. Berry it up.

dani austin hazel golden retriever tie dye shirt anti aging tips tricks

And broccoli. And avocado. And nuts. There are some great foods for your skin and overall health. Add it to a smoothie, steam it with dinner, grab a handful for a snack – incorporate these ideas into your life and get those good good anti-aging benefits!

8. Watch your back…

for bad posture! We look down and forward SO MUCH these days – whether we’re on our laptops, or driving, or looking at our phones – it’s messing with our physical health! So try to do some exercises for your neck, back, and shoulders to keep your muscles strong and your spine aligned.

This is just a start – there are so many more great anti-aging methods! What tips do YOU have?