I’m a sucker for a good date night. I LOVE getting all dressed to go out. But with all the wedding planning and moving, I have less and less time to we seem to have less free time which also means less time to get ready! And I never want to rush so fast that I leave the house not looking or smelling my best.

That’s why I am so excited to partner with Downy to share my tips on how speed up my routine and keep my look smelling fresh all night long.

The key to a having a great outfit ready-to-go is to be on top of your laundry game. The more you get through those hampers of clothes, the more options you have. And when it comes to washing your clothes, you just have to use Downy. I start my routine with a little bit of laundry. Detergent takes the dirt and stains out of your clothes but Downy Protect & Refresh protects clothes from strengthens the fibers of your clothes to prevent, stretching, fading, and fuzz as well gives them 24 hours of odor protection to prevent bad odors from settling into them all day—like a deodorant for your clothes! It’s my little secret for how to make sure that I smell great all night long.

It is so easy to use – pour it into the fabric conditioner dispenser right after adding detergent, no need to wait for rinse cycle.

Once I have my laundry going I really only have a few minutes to freshen up, so here’s my routine:

  • Dry shampoo is a staple in every busy girl’s cabinet. When I don’t have time to wash my hair I’ll spray dry shampoo to mask dirt, oil on any dirty hair.
  • Not enough time for a full face of makeup? Use your bronzer as an eyeshadow for quick
  • Apply an unscented lotion before fragrance. Oily complexions retain fragrances longer.

And that’s it—I’m ready to go! Even better, at the end of the night, because I used Downy Protect & Refresh my clothes smell so good at the end of the night that I can put them right back on the hanger or back in the closet – so I’m covered for my next date night emergency!

So go get yours today and Make sure to check out the video below to see my dance moves date night with Jordan and the whole “Get Ready With Me” routine.


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