Mother's Day Amazon Gift Guide

It’s ALMOST HERE! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and I know how stressful that can be. I’ve been getting this together for y’all for a while now for this very moment. I picked all Amazon gifts so that they will arrive in time – but don’t wait too much longer! No one wants to be the kid who shows up empty-handed to the gift exchange lol awkward 🙈 Here are the best Amazon gifts for Mother’s Day – just in time to save your tushy 🤣

1. PJ Top and Shorts

These are super soft and cozy, but perfect for the weather here in Dallas. I love to be snuggly up top but pj pants are sometimes too hot! These set comes in SO many colors, too. You could even get matching sets!

2. Fuzzy Loungewear Set

If you need something a little warmer, this set is so cute and I’m seeing this style of loungewear pants EVERYwhere right now! Tornado loves a good loungewear set. I mean who doesn’t LOL.

3. Almay Makeup Remover Pads

If your mom’s into makeup, these removers are the BEST, and this two pack is a steal. You could pair this with a new mascara or eyeliner!

4. Mixing Bowls

This set is so CUTE! We got these for our house and love them. The little pouring tip is the best! This is a great one for mamas who love to cook.

5. Kitchen Gadget Set

My mom has so many cooking tools that she’s collected over the years, but I know she loves things to look pretty and uniform, so I found this set of kitchen gadgets. Aren’t they cute?!

6. Modern Wine Glasses

These exact glasses are sold out, but the set of 4 is available (linked)! Y’all know Tornado LOVES her wine 🤣 She always loves a new wine or wine accessory so I’m gifting her these glasses and a nice bottle of wine.

7. 8 Piece Garden Tools Set

For all the gardening and nature-loving mamas out there! This set is so classic and organized.

8. 1 Gallon Water Bottle

Okay – this one is a little funny 🤣 I knew I wanted one of those water bottles with the lines on it to mark my progress, and I saw that Khloe Kardashian linked this one from Amazon, so I thought – sure! Right? Well… little did I realizes that it holds a full GALLON of water 🤣  It’s a little intense, but sure helps to keep anyone hydrated LOL!

9. Furry Slippers

I love these!! I bought a pair for myself and they’re so comfortable and almost feel oversized (but it’s just because of how FLUFFY they are, so order true to size haha). They also come in 10 colors to choose from.

10. Sun Visor

For the beach mama! The original hat is sold out, but I found another similar one. Tornado brought a few hats to Cabo this week and they are perfect for these sunny beach days.

11. Gold Rope Hoops

These make a really classic Mother’s Day gift. They’re so affordable ($13)! But they’re 14K gold plated and have over 1500 4.5 star reviews.

12. Sunglasses Set

I love that this comes with two pairs – you could always do a little “one for mom, one for me” situation – I won’t tell 🤣 They have great reviews and I feel like it would be so cute to do a little basket of style or self care goodies – including these!

13. Passport Wallet

For the traveling mamas out there! I love this little jet setting wallet. It’s big enough to hold your passport which is so smart? I don’t know why I’ve never thought of that before! I am always panicking to get my passport out in time when I’m at the airport LOL. It also has over 13K 4.5 star reviews which blows my mind when it’s literally a $14 wallet. That’s my type of deal lol

PHEW. That’s just the start, y’all! If you need more ideas, you can see literally DOZENS more on my Like to Know page here! Or for more gift guides in general, I have you covered here. What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day?!