dani austin april catchup

Whew! This month has been a whirlwind y’all. I am usually a little homebody, but ya girl has been a social butterfly lately! Are you proud?! It’s been too long since seeing so many good friends – old and new. Let’s hop into my April catchup!

1. Wig Party!

dani austin april catchup

I got to see a bunch of my girls and it turned into a wig party ðŸĪŠ Let’s be real – it always does! Who wouldn’t wanna try on a new personality for the evening 💃 I’m so thankful for each of these friends, old and new!

2. Movie Night!

dani austin april catchup

THESE TWO!! I am so happy my old roomie is back in town, and she brought her super cool roomie ðŸĪŠ Honestly, just glad these two let me tag along! Had so much fun stepping back into a movie theater again.

3. GNI!

dani austin april roundup

I finally got to meet a bunch of my Insta friends IRL! We’ve been trying to get us all in the same room for ages, and we finally got the babysitters and time to do it 😍 I can honestly say that these ladies are just as amazing offline as they are on. Can’t wait to do this again.


dani austin april catchup

Y’all we finally did it… we convinced the Denners to head South! We’re so excited to do real life with y’all. I can picture it now… double dates, early dinners, and y’all crashing in our guest room til ya find your dream home here 😉 BEYOND excited.

5. My Texas girls!

dani austin april catchup

I love these girls! Texas is about to be hoppin’ this summer! So many friends around and so much to do. I love getting to spend my life around these ladies.

6. Introducing… Aunt Jessi!

dani austin april catchup

Stella finally got to meet one of my favorite people! Jessi is always such a breath of fresh air in this crazy online world. My heart is bursting seeing two of the most special girls together!

Looking over this month, I feel so grateful for the incredible people in my life. They are game changers, world shapers and true community. I wouldn’t be able to do life well without’m! If y’all liked seeing my April catchup let me know! I’d love to do these more often – they’re so great for slowing down and reflecting. I’m ready for May!! 😎