dani austin april fools song

Yep – you read that right. A few short days ago, I announced that my days as a blogger were coming to an end to follow my dream of becoming… a singer. APRIL FOOLS!

PSYCH! I April Fools’ed y’all like I have never April Fools’ed before! This was a serious game plan. We got the whiteboard out for this #gameface 🤪 I got my brother Landon to get in on it, too. Landon’s a professional musician, so he helped me to write a fake song to share with y’all… and I could not believe how many of you believed it was real!!! It was probably like 50/50, but people who believed it kept sharing the video and all of a sudden, over a million people had watched this fake song 🤣 (I mean, it’s terrible, but kind of catchy at the same time?!)

I was cringing SO HARD for those 24 hours. I hadn’t told ANYone that this was a joke, so I had friends texting me super sweet messages, encouraging me to follow my dream… y’all, the song is so bad. I am a terrible singer, and that’s not false humility talking – I own it 🤣  You can watch the whole behind the scenes here.

Honestly though, it was just such an example of how supportive y’all are! Of course, after the reveal, I also had friends texting me like “I was about to text you and convince you not to quit Instagram”. 🤣 You need those friends who will save you from yourself LOL!

If you saw everything in real time, thanks for being such a good sport! And if you’re catching up now – April Fools! I definitely don’t have any plans to stop Instagram any time soon! If I ever did get a different job, what do you think it would be?!