bathroom organization

Bathroom Organization

Well, well, well– you exposed me!! I’m a beauty product hoarder…but it’s not my fault!!! I want to try everything and make sure to share the best products with you guys, so that your closet doesn’t look like mine lol! Sharing the organization tips and hacks I used to organize my bathroom, nothing like a good purge and organization to make you feel like your life is together!



My Organization Hacks


Find products that you know you like and will use consistently to avoid hoarding random things you will never use.

So don’t judge my before picture! lolol My closet became a catch all for all of my random beauty products, which is NOT the way I want to live my life! I want to be that organized chica who knows exactly where everything is!


Measure your space. I can’t tell you how much time I saved by measuring the dimensions of the cabinets and drawers in my bathroom. Whether I was browsing in TJ Maxx or online at The Container Store I was able to reference the measurements before buying, which saves soooo much effort instead of having to go and return what didn’t work out.


For me, I want be able to access my essentials ASAP. I struggled so much with just stuffing products into my cabinet that I couldn’t even tell you where my make-up remover was from my toothbrush. I decided to organize my products in the following categories, which matched the spaces I had to fill. 3 categories and 3 available shelves! (with haircare and products in the drawers by my sink).

SKINCARE. I stored all of my make-up removers and cleansers in one container. Moisturizers, serums and eye creams in another. Face masks, peels, and other random things in another.

MAKE-UP PRODUCTS. This is the tricky part. I, of course, have my makeup bag of the products I NEEED. Just kidding, but their the ones I use the most frequently so I like to have easy access to them. Buuut the other miscellaneous products are what I struggle with.

BATH & BODY. All of my lotions, body washes, self-tanners, body scrubs are all conveniently located together in a deep basket, which is perfect to accommodate all the random shapes and sizes of the products.

HAIRCARE. I put all of my haircare products in my drawers because they are tall enough to hold the dry shampoos and texturizing sprays, but I could have totally put them in the closet– this just made more sense for where I needed to find the products while I am getting ready.


Now that you have your measurements and basic idea of what tools you’ll be needing for your space you can hit the store! My favorite place to shop for organizers is The Container Store. I mean you can just walk in there and feel at peace, sometimes I wish The Container Store peeps could just come to my house in the middle of the night and organize the entire place! Lol. It’s like my adult Christmas wish. Luckily, they have organizer specialists who you can show photos of the disaster zones and how you’d like to organize your goods–and with your handy dandy measurements they can tell you EXACTLY what you need.


We may have different ideas of fun, but I just find giving away products I don’t use so therapeutic. I always tell myself, “Dani, one day you might want to try this. And if you throw it away now, you’ll never know what it was like.” But then I tell myself, “DANI. You have had this sitting in your cabinet for 7 months, I think if you wanted to use it by now, you would have!”


I also added these Glass Canisters to the top shelf of the closet to make it a little more aesthetic since I had some extra space (plus who can reach stuff up there anyway)!



Large Acrylic Make-Up Organizer // Woven Storage Bins with Handles // Wire Storage Basket

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I learned the majority of these tips through trial and error lol! If I would have done my research before and actually took time to measure the space I had to fill, I would have saved so much time. But it’s all good, you live and you learn!! Now at our new house I’ll know exactly how to tackle organizing any space we have!

Hope this helps you with your organization projects!!! SASSY MAMAS GOTTA STAY ORGANIZED, ammirite?!