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What It Means To Be Courageous in 2019

2019 is going to be THE year. It’s just like any new day we are given, but this year I am focusing my intent on this word: COURAGE. But this sassy mama’s goals and dreams for 2019 are too big to do without the big guy. We can’t conquer 2019 without conquering 365 days first, chicas. And you can’t conquer a day without a daily dose of Jesus. I took a quick, 7 question quiz on Dayspring to find my word of the year and find encouragement in my quiet times for the new year.

I’ve been getting into the Dayspring (in)courage Bible. It’s a little different cause it features 312 devotions from 122 different women. It is so relatable and has helped me understand the women in the Word in such a powerful way. We are gonna do all 365 days of 2019 but this year, ladiez. Start with today and get yo-self in the Word and then find your own word for 2019.

For me, being courageous is about listening to God’s voice in my life and less about what the world is trying to tell me. I want to be completely filled and motivated by God that everything I do will shine His love. This year The Sassy Club is launching something very exciting!!! And it’s taken a looooot of courage and prayer, from so many people to be able to accomplish this. Be courageous, try new things, and trust that God has GOTCHU!

Keep scrolling for some easy ways to be courageous everyday.

Here are some practical ways to find courage this year:

  1. Be realistic with your goals. Yeah sure, setting a resolution to go to that 7AM spin class is a great goal, but if you’re like me, it’s hard to even get myself to wake up before 7AM. Start with goals that don’t completely shock your routine. It’s okay to start small and work up to these bigger goals. You are being courageous just by pursuing a new idea or hobby! Don’t be afraid to reward yourself for your little achievements. These will help get your closer to bigger goals down the road.
  2. Make it easy and fun to get into the Word. It’s so much easier to get myself into the word when I feel like I have space and an open mind to process my thoughts and really listen to what God is trying to tell me. I love my (in)courage bible to keep me motivated and there’s room in the margins for me to organize my thoughts.
  3. Write down encouragement in the Scripture and put somewhere you will see it everyday. I’ve really been thinking a lot about Deuteronomy 31:6 (in quotes below). Every morning I remind myself of this. You are not alone. Nothing is too big that God cannot handle. Then I remind myself that I’m a hot, sassy mama; pimples, frizzy hair and all! What can you remind yourself daily to stay motivated in your walk?

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

–Deuteronomy 31:6

Are you going to be courageous in 2019?

Take the quiz and find your word of inspiration and encouragement this year. Mine was courage, but God could have something special in mind for you. The coolest part is at the end of the quiz, you can send yourself your word and a goal sheet to help you put your word to WERK. I want to encourage you this year to accomplish ALL OF YOUR DREAMS. Find your word, set your goals, say your prayers, and grow in your faith one day at a time. God has some amazing plans for you, sassy mama. Look at how far you have come!!! It’s 2019 and He is still working in miraculous ways in your life.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you this year! Let me know your word in the comments below! How can we encourage you to strive toward this in 2019?


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