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Let’s Get Hyped!

Working out has always been a pretty important part of my daily (or at least weekly) routine 💪. I did alllll the sports in high school, did more in college, and have always loved a good run. I know how much my mind and body benefit from getting my blood pumping, but last year, I started to let things slide.

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that last year was a really crazy year for me. I was traveling more than I ever have before ✈️, work was so busy, and the whole time, I was trying to deal with the fact that my hair was falling out. It became really difficult to keep up with a consistent fitness routine. Honestly, trying to figure out one more thing felt overwhelming. Things are so much better now, but losing my fitness focus in 2019 inspired me to make a REAL change in 2020.

That’s where my girl Julie comes in 👩.

I’ve known Julie since we were in elementary school! We played volleyball together in junior high 🤾🏼‍♀️, and then we went to college together! Now, Julie is my coach for all things health, wellness, and fitness. I really needed some structure and accountability, but I don’t have time to map it all out. Julie’s course, Hype Fitness, has been a LIFEsaver.

BURN from Home 💪

Hype Fitness is all online, so whether I’m traveling or working from home, it’s fits into my life. Every day a new 45 minute workout is released and you get to burn those calories from the comfort (well…I guess not comfort lol!) of your living room 🤸🏼‍♀️. There’s even a Facebook page for members to help with accountability. 

dani austin julie Bernhard hype fitness at home workout

Julie is an inspiration to me. She’s so focused on her goals, and her discipline is next level. I feel so safe with her because homegirl KNOWS what she’s talking about. Julie is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 certified coach, AND has certifications in Personal Training, Pure Barre, Pre-postnatal, Anatomy trains, and Kettlebell. When Julie says jump, I say HOW HIGH?! Because she’s not just making this stuff up.

Believe the Hype!

Hype Fitness is usually either $19.99/month for full access to the M-F daily workouts, coaching support, and community accountability, but right now Julie is offering a 7 day free trial! It’s the perfect way to see if Hype is the right fit for you.

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I know a lot of us are having to get creative with our workout these days because of #quarantine. How about instead of looking back at this time like “ugh, COVID”, we’re like “I CODID it!” LOL okay a little cheesy, but seriously, even in the worst of circumstances, each day is a gift, and we can decide how we’re going to use it. Plus, endorphins are kinnnnd of my best friends right now 😅

Grab your sneakers 👟 and your laptop 💻 and let’s do this, ladies!