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Calling all sassy ladies everywhere! Dani here, checking in on my soul sistas. How’s everyone doing? Are your spirits high? So here’s a lil pep talk for you today… let’s talk about why I believe in YOU and why you should, too!!

I truly believe that together we are stronger, and if I’m not lifting up the ladies around me, I’m not fulfilling my calling here. I may not know what you’re going through…or if you’ve already given up…but what I want you to know, what I want to scream from the rooftops is this:


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No matter how you’re feeling or what seems to be standing in your way, you possess more power that you give yourself credit for. The only limit is you. So repeat after me: I am brave, fearless and strong.

Sure, there are going to be obstacles and challenges, and even failures! I encounter them more than I’d like, but ya know what? I keep chugging along like the Little Engine That Could. Heck, just recently I hit a couple big let downs that really forced me to stop and think. Can I do this? Is it worth it? Maybe I should just give up. But thanks to my amazing faith, as well as incredible support system of family and friends, my resolve rebounded and I got back on track.

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Here’s one of my favorite mottos: Fall seven times, get up eight. One of my biggest lessons on this journey has been that nothing is going to be perfect but that hard work and determination will see you through. Maybe the path won’t be what you expected initially, but isn’t that kind of the beauty of it all? Letting life take you where you’re supposed to go. Which is why I’m learning to look at failures through a different lens—maybe a failure isn’t actually a failure, but instead a way of God steering you to something better, something higher. Maybe he is protecting you. Maybe he wants you to wait for HIS timing rather than your own.

Flexibility is huge and learning to adapt makes all the difference. Is it easy? Heck no! It stings when something doesn’t go your way. But instead of backing down, I urge you to push harder. With so much opportunity in the world, there’s no excuse for the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” mentality. Create the life you can’t wait to wake up to, and watch the magic that unfolds.

Finally, I hope when you’re reading this, you find a little piece of inspiration that will set your day off on the right foot. A positive attitude sure goes a long way. So keep your chin up, smile, and add this mantra to your daily life: I can, I will. End of story.

How can you encourage yourself this week?



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