dani Austin female black owned business the iman project

I know that for a lot of us, it feels like we just woke up to the injustices that are still happening in the world right this second. The racism and violence shown to the black community for so long has to stop. The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others need to be the LAST. I have personally been looking for ways that I can actively help – by posting, donating, volunteering, and educating myself. I am a lifestyle blogger, and showing y’all the cutest purchases to brighten your day is literally part of my job! But right now, I really wanted to just share some black female owned businesses that we can be supporting.

It may be a small thing, and certainly not the ONLY thing by ANY means. But supporting the black community financially is extremely important. I will be including both shops you can purchase from, and organizations you can donate to. Full disclosure: I found a lot of these shops through various articles that have been posted recently, including Glamour, and also through my feed.

1. Oh Happy Dani.

dani Austin female black owned business oh happy dani

Dani’s art prints are currently sold out, but let’s be ready when they come back into stock! Dani is an amazing creator and she also happens to be a Christian influencer – give her a follow @thehappydani. She has really important things to say.

2. Brother Vellies

dani Austin female black owned business brother vellies

Aurora James founded Brother Vellies in an effort to incorporate beautiful, traditionally African art into our everyday lives. They have a super cool monthly subscription you can join called Something Special, where you’re surprised with a new handcrafted, sustainable item! And it’s only $35/month – a very realistic price point for something so unique.

3. KNC Beauty

dani Austin female black owned kmc beauty

Y’all – first of all, how freaking cute is this packaging?!? This beauty brand was founded by Kristen Noel Crawley who created this whole line of lip masks, eye masks, scrubs, and more. Everything is SO cute and affordable, too.

4. Cushnie

dani Austin female black owned business cushnie

If you wanna treat yourself to something luxury, Cushnie has the most STUNNING pieces for sale. They’re def an investment but these pieces are timelessly beautiful and made to last.

5. Coco and Breezy Eyeweardani Austin female black business coco and breezy eyewear

Corianna and Brianna Dotson are the founders of this gorgeous eyewear brand. Their designs are incredible! And all of their lenses have blue light blockers!

6. The Iman Project

dani Austin female black owned business the iman project

This girl and her work are close to my heart. Based right here outta Dallas, Bree says about her workshops, “Our Workshops are about COMMUNITY, UPLIFTING + DIVERSITY. Each workshop is meant for you to walk away with a memorable experience, walk away with a connection, walk away with wings. A place where your belly and heart leaves full.” YES PLEASE! Unfortunately, the workshops are cancelled right now due to COVID, but keep an eye out for my girl. She’s doing real, good work here and you definitely wanna be a part of it.

7. Oma the Label

dani Austin female black owned business oma

You can find some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I have EVER seen on this site. Look at these hooooops!

8. Golde

dani Austin female black owned business golde

Golde, founded by Trinity Mouzon Wofford, is your new wellness BFF! They have the best healthy mixes and add-ins for your smoothies.

9. Harperiman

dani Austin female black owned business haperiman

Mommas! Omg – that’s me too!! These dolls are so so beautiful and is perfect for your little one.

10. Tree Fairfax

dani Austin female black owned tree fairfax

These leather goods are unique – never mass produced! I especially love this wallet – yes please.

11. The Lam Label

dani Austin female black owned the lam label

Lam, the owner of this vintage shop, sells these super cool treasures! She does new drops regularly so make sure to follow her page at @thelamlabel to catch them!

12. Zou Xou Shoes

dani Austin female black owned zou xou

Wow – Zou Xou shoes are all GORGEOUS. They have some funky leopard print styles I have my eye on…

13. Harriet’s Bookshop

dani Austin female black owned Harriets bookshop

This is such a dreamy bookshop with so many books available for purchase online. According to their Insta bio, the store specializes in “celebrating women authors, artists, and activists.”

There are LOTS of great organizations out there but here are just a few:

This is just a start – here’s a post from @alyssainthecity you can refer to with so many more! PLEASE comment with additional shops – especially black female owned businesses – let’s keep this support going! I love you, I’m listening, I’m learning, and I’m taking action.

XOXO Dani Austin