I’m saving sexxxyyy time for my marriage but my wedding is on May 12 and this girl needs to be PREPARED. Call me lame for being old school, doesn’t matta to me, I hear it allll the time (kind of used to da hate at this point). I’m confident in being different and I think everyone should stay strong to who they are and what they believe. As you know, when I set out on this blogging journey, my goal has always been to be as authentic and transparent as possible! I love sharing my life with you all, so that should also include topics that are seemingly taboo to discuss for the whole world (wide web) to read! So here we go… Birth control, my copper IUD experience (gasp!) For me, knowledge is power, which is why I choose to share my experiences openly and honestly!

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I made the decision to go with the copper IUD for several reasons:

1. It’s a long-term option. Jordan and I would love to start a family—someday—but now is not that time. Our lives are busy with our new @sassyclub adventure, not to mention taking care of our four-legged, fur baby, Hazel girl, who has infant-diva-like tendencies. Right now, she’s the only “child” we need.

2. It’s a “set it and forget it” option. I didn’t want to have to remember to take a pill everyday (I would TOTALLY forget), or deal with the stress of forgetting and the “what ifs” that come with that. Also, the IUD is non-hormonal, which was a HUGE draw for me. One time I went on birth control for Accutane. It made me super depressed, I didn’t even want to go to our Homecoming in highschool (and I had a hawt date!)

3. It’s a reliable option. Like many other birth control routes, the IUD is extremely effective. Several of my friends in the medical field (LOL I HAZ SMART FRANDZ) recommended getting an IUD. This, combined with the reasons mentioned above, brought me to the conclusion that this was the best choice for me!

So my decision was made—but next came the actual process. (EEEEK) I had heard lots of horror stories of women with terrible experiences getting the IUD, but I trusted my doctor and reminded myself that everyone has a different experience! So was I scared? Yes! But I largely didn’t know what to expect, so I went in with a positive attitude, hoping for the best.

The 10-minute procedure itself was a breeze. “Hey, this isn’t so bad!” I thought. So easy, in fact, I went furniture shopping IMMEDIATELY afterward! The doctor warned that I would likely experience some cramping, and that my subsequent periods could be heavy as a result of my body adjusting to the IUD. Nevertheless, I walked out of the office feeling pretty good, happy with my choice, and relieved it was over.

Fast forward three hours: There I was, laying on my bed in the fetal position with abdominal pain unlike anything I’d ever felt before. When Jordan got home, he lovingly whipped up a DIY heating roll to place on my tummy and lower back.  (What a gem, right!?).

So, yeah, the cramps were brutal. But the good news is that they didn’t last long. Within two days much of the cramping had subsided and I felt completely normal again, with occasional spotting. And even though it’s only been about a week since the procedure, I’m confident and happy in my birth control choice, and would encourage others to consider it as well (or talk to your doc cuz what do I know).

I’m glad I made the decision to get the copper IUD when I did, as doctors note that it can take your body a few months to adjust and regulate. Knowing that our wedding was approaching, I wanted to be sure that this process was all behind me well before the big day, so I could relax and enjoy myself! Since I had the insertion, I was only in pain for 24 hours total and since then have not had many side effects for spotting here and there and some minimal cramping when I run. Overall, I totally think it has been worth it but I guess I need 3 more months to establish a solid opinion. 

UPDATE: I went back for a routine check up in April to see if the IUD was still in the right place. Turns out my body rejected the implant and the IUD was in my cervix. My doctor had to immediately remove it. Removing hurt a little more for me than getting it placed but maybe because I was not mentally prepared. This was pretty frustrating because since I am self employed, my medical insurance has a very high deductible / does not cover the copper IUD. I paid over $900 out of pocket for the IUD and my body rejected it. I always knew there was a slim chance this could happen was just crossing my fingers I wouldn’t be one of them.

Since then, I decided to take the pill because my insurance doesn’t cover the alternative to the Copper IUD, Nexplanon (the birth control implant that goes in your arm). Today was my first day on it and it has been terrible. I’m taking the brand Tri-Lo-Sprintec and I feel extremely nauseous and irritable. I was on the phone with my mom laughing and the laugh somehow morphed into a sobbing cry and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. I wasn’t even sad!! Now I am just super moody and it’s awful. (Sorry, Cassidy!!)

Anyway, if y’all have any questions – I will try to answer them in between eating Cheetos and chocolate.