How to do life with dogs that shed

Y’all know how much I love my fur babies, right? Ok, well then I don’t feel so bad ranting for a bit about one major downside of being a dog owner: the HAIR. Seriously, dog hair is literally like glitter—it’s everywhere! I’ve learned to (sort of) accept it, but I’m convinced that it shouldn’t be the bane of our existence. Thankfully, I’ve learned some good hacks over the years to keep excessive dog hair at bay.

Four steps to a happier, fur free home below! (and being able to wear black jeans again lol)

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1. Brush, Bathe, Repeat

This might seem like common sense, but trust me, it really is a critical step in reducing dog hair. We’re starting to give Lola and Hazel baths once every couple of weeks and we’re religious about brushing them (outside!!) as often as possible. Any pet brush will do, but two of my favorite genius products are a grooming glove and the Furminator.

Grooming gloves make it easy to get into tighter areas on your dog’s body, plus it feels good to them since it’s like you’re petting them with your hand.

The Furminator works so well—and has amazing reviews from pet owners. The fine teeth of the comb get all the way down to the undercoat before those pesky hairs have a chance to hit your floor (or couch, or car, or clothes…).

gray crate and barrel couch

2. Vacuum for the win

Another “duhh” tip here… But make sure you’re using a vacuum that’s designed for pet hair. Of course the ultimate choice is the Dyson Animal or a robotic vacuum cleaner, but if you can’t spring for that high price point, there are lots of other affordable options that work well. For getting in tight corners and under furniture, I like to use a Swiffer. When you have a dog that sheds, it seems like you have to vacuum Every. Single. Day., but hopefully with all the tricks in this post, you can reduce to at least every other day. Victory!

how to get rid of fur on furniture how to do life with dogs that shed

3. Don’t forget about the air

Investing in an air purifier can really help if you happen to also suffer from allergies due to dog hair. Some of these can be pretty pricey, but make a huge difference in breathing quality. The dander that dog hair produces can linger in the air, so especially during winter months when you’re not opening the windows for fresh air, a purifier can help.

4. Raid your laundry room

Did you know that your laundry room probably holds some of the best hacks for gathering up dog hair?? Let’s start with dryer sheets. Yep, those little fabric softener sheets you toss in the dryer work wonders in picking up pet hair! It works by using static cling. Remember when you would rub a balloon on the carpet and then hold it to your head and watch your hair stand on end? The same concept works with the dryer sheet and dog hair.

If you don’t have any sheets handy, grab a standard lint roller and get to work. Even the cheap ones from the dollar store can help, but there’s also heavy-duty ones designed specifically for dog hair. I love keeping one in my purse to make sure my clothes are hair-free before going out in public. Finally, your trusty rubber gloves (you know, that you clean your bathroom with?) are great to use to gather dog hair off upholstered furniture. Hair sticks to the rubber and clumps easily—voila!

bp green sweater

Pet hair should not come in the way of having a beautiful home, chic wardrobe, or clean furniture. With these tips, you can help your fur baby reduce shedding and keep your house (and yourself!) looking as Sassy as always.

Have you tried any of these tips to combat shedding by your fur babies? Let us know what worked in the comments below!


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