dani austin workout outfit black alo moto leggings

dani austin workout outfit black alo moto leggings

dani austin workout outfit black alo moto leggings

dani austin workout outfit black alo moto leggings

Gray Sweater // Hat // Alo Moto Leggings // New Balance Sneakers

Snacking is…. basically my life motto. But y’all know that by now.

When snack cravings hit, I need to have something yummy on hand, STAT. Let’s be real. I don’t want to play the game of pantry scavenger hunt. Luckily, with spring produce popping up soon, there are plenty of snacks in the sea. (That’s how the saying goes, right?)

So, Sassy Girls: let’s keep these snacks delish, seasonal, and healthy-ish. Forget about those diet-brand snack packs and meals in bar form. I want real, refreshing food this season! And what better way to get a move on that bikini bod plan than with some tasty bites? GET READYYY to serve up!

1) Frozen grapes & cream

Grapes are basically magic. Can you imagine a world without wine? Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself. Back on track. Back to snacks. If grape juice makes wine, then frozen grapes more or less mean ice cream. Trust me! Try it.

Red grapes are best, in my opinion. So, freeze a bunch of grapes over night. Then, top them with a coconut milk-based whipped cream. (You can get it at most supermarkets). By cutting the dairy from the equation, it’s automatically a healthier alternative. And, this frozen-fruit and cream equation is a no-brainer as the weather turns warmer.

2) Cucumber salad

Forget about those cute little tea sandwiches. Instead, enjoy a great big bowl of salad, packed with flavor. In this snack variety, there’s no lettuce involved! Just pure, crisp cucumbers. Combine sliced (and de-seeded) cucumbers, slivers of red onion, a splash of vinegar, and the juice of one lemon. That’s it: tangy, fresh, and healthy. Oh, and a bit of salt and pepper.

Feel free to add some fresh mint or cilantro if you’ve got a plant pet nearby. Then take that big bowl o’ goodness outside and soak up some sun while you’re at it!

Seasoned popcorn

Popcorn is one of my favorite, lightest snacks. Because it’s totally deeeelish, filling, low-cal, and customizable. That’s right. Add a sprinkle of whatever you want. I like simple salt-and-pepper with a squeeze of lemon. Or: a touch of rainbow sprinkles— it feels celebratory! Oh, and pumpkin spice is never off the table. It doesn’t matter what season we’re in; pumpkin spice mix always always always goes with popcorn. Don’t judge it ‘til you try it!

Pro tip: (That’s right, I’m a popcorn professional. #bosslady?? Right??) Pop some homemade popcorn over the stove. Skipping the microwave on this one means you can cut out all of that added butter and artificial flavors that come along with so many popcorn brands. And you know what? Making popcorn in a pot could not. be. easier. You got this!

3) Fruity popsicles

Hold up. I’m not talking about those firecracker pops—although they’re summertime classics. By making popsicles at home, you can make them as healthy and natural as possible. Have ya never made popsicles? Don’t worry. I got you on this one. You don’t even need one of those fancy ice pop forms!

Step one: Get that blender out and whirl up a homemade fruit smoothie. May I suggest? Pineapple & orange juice, or strawberries, blueberries, and lemonade.

Step two: Pour the smoothie into paper or plastic cups, stick a popsicle stick in each one, and leave ’em in the freezer overnight.

I suggest ya make a big batch, and cool down every afternoon of the week with a sweet, natural fruit-filled frozen treat. After all, it’s bound to get you in the Spring Break mood!

4) Rice paper veggie rolls

The best thing about these spring rolls is you can perfect that roll-up technique. They’re seriously SO fun to make. And when I’m talking about fresh, real food, nothing is quite as TRANSPARENT as these lil’ guys. (Get it? The rice paper is literally transparent!)

So. Pack as many fresh veggies as you can fit, and roll these cuties right up. By using rice paper instead of a tortilla, this snack is lower in carbs, fat, and overall calories. It’s light, refreshing, and full of vitamins that’ll do your skin WONDERS come spring break.

Here’s the most AH-MAZING combo:

Crunchy carrot sticks
Creamy, ripe avocado
Bib lettuce
Red cabbage slices

This combo makes for a vibrant and colorful rice paper roll that you’ll want to Instagram 1000 times. And since they’re enjoyed cold, there’s no rush! Snap away all ya want.

If you don’t have the above ingredients on-hand, literally use whatever fresh veggies you’ve got in your kitchen. Slice the veggies into match-stick-like strips, and layer ’em in like you’re making a mini burrito. It’s total magic, my Sassy Girls. Do your best, I believe in you.

5) RX Bars

These are my current fav. I love them because they satisfy my cravings and are a healthy alternative to other snack foods, plus there are so many flavors to try that I hardly get bored of them!

What are you snacking on lately? While I’m working on the whole wedding bod, tell me: How’s that spring break bod going for you?

Show yourself some LOVE today with a yummy snack. And then tell me what y’all are cooking up!


dani austin workout outfit black alo moto leggings

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