safavieh slipper chair

Guys, I’ve been watching all of these amazing home renos lately and I have been freaking INSPIRED. Like have you seen what Laura Beverlin has been up to?! Picture it: me sitting on my couch watching her stories where she’s beautifying this amazing new house and making this ugly brown wall a gorgeous white and then I look up and see my living room and this lightbulb goes on over my head and I’m ready for home decor UPDATE! Home decor inspiration has struck hehe. Here’s how I’ve freshened up our space lately with Safavieh!

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Living Room

safavieh slipper chair

Safavieh Randy Slipper Chairs

THESE. CHAIRS. THO. It’s really important to me that when people come over, they feel comfortable in our space, and it’s kind of embarrassing when you run out of seating 🙈 I picked up these twin chairs from Safavieh and they have been the perfect solution! Our house isn’t the biggest, so we can’t put like two massive armchairs in this space, but these lil cuties fit perfectly and are comfy, super sleek, and on WHEELS for easy transitioning.

safavieh slipper chair

Jordan’s Office

lounge chair with ottoman
lounge chair with ottoman

Amazon Lounge Chair w/ Ottoman // Safavieh Hudson Shag Rug Collection Style SGH333B // 71 Inch Floor Lamp

THE MANLIEST OF ALL RECLINERS 🤪 Jordan’s office was looking a lil bare, so we jazzed it up a little! I saw this recliner and thought it was so cool! It looks comfy but also masculine and somehow kind of professional at the same time?! I love that the footstool is separate so that we can tuck it away if we need the space.

TO KEEP JORDAN’S FEET WARM… For the rare occasion when Jordan is NOT wearing his poop emoji slippers 💩 lol but this rug is so cute and soft, too!

entertainment center wayfair

Wayfair Entertainment System (out of stock, similar)

TV STAND OF HIS DREAMS! This TV stand piece was a PERfect find because these little compartments can hold Jordan’s gaming stuff (even his puzzles 🤣) and it looks so neat and tidy. 

modern desk office space

Wayfair Desk Chair *on sale* // Desk Lamp // Wooden Lamp Stand

Hallways + Bathrooms

safavieh runner rug neutral geometric

SOHO Rug Collection Style SOH414B

SPICIN’ UP DA HALLWAY with this super chic rug! It helps take it from “boring hallway” to an EXPERIENCE 🤪 nah but mostly it’s so comfy on my feet! Rugs have a way of warming up your home!

safavieh rug collection

Micro-Loop 200 Rug Collection Style MLP902R

HOW PRETTY IS THIS RUG?! It’s so dainty and sweet! I hate how cold the tile can feel so I wanted to put a rug down that would be easy to move when we clean, but you can actually get it in SO many different sizes and even shapes!

I love how it’s all coming together – no one tells you that when you buy a house, finding the HOUSE is only the first step! You still gotta find the special bits and pieces that make it feel like HOME ❤️ I feel like we’re finally getting there! Be sure to let me know if you try anything from Safavieh – I can’t wait to see your home updates!

Love, Dani