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Taking the plunge into full-time blogging takes a lot of guts. Seriously, making a career out of this blogging business can be a true leap of faith (trust me, I know!) Is this going to work? Am I going to be able to support myself? Will people LIKE me and what I have to say?

I’m constantly getting asked by newbie bloggers how to take their blogs to the next level, or for tips and tricks I have for being successful in this digital world. And I LOVE sharing my stories and experience with y’all. My followers are everything to me, and I’m so thankful for the encouragement and support I’ve received along the way.

The message I try to send to my readers is one of authenticity and empowerment, which is why I’ve teamed up with Secret Deodorant to continue the movement of women supporting women. Did y’all know that Secret is the only deodorant brand that is marketed made strictly to for females? It’s like our very own prized possession…no boyz allowed!

But even beyond the strong message behind the brand, the product itself is pretty dang good, guys! I’m hear to tell ya, I’ve never met a more powerful, long-lasting deo. I’m talkin’ you’ll stay dry and fresh all day. I need a deodorant that can keep up with my cray-cray life. And with a name like Clinical Strength, you know it’s gonna work even in the most stressful or nerve-wracking situations. I’ve been using Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid just once for all-day strong wetness protection and Llet’s just say I know what I’m gonna be wearing when I walk down the aisle! I want all da eyes on me, not any underarm mishaps!  Get your own at Walgreens!!

The Secret brand is all about positivity and strength, which is the perfect metaphor for life as a full-time blogger. Staring in the face of blogging can be a bit intimidating (“Where do I even begin?”), but with the right attitude and approach, you can conquer ANYTHING.

One of my primary platforms of communication with my followers is Instagram. I LOVE being open and honest (ok, maybe a little TOO open!?) with y’all, and sharing photos and videos of my daily life.

There are so many cool apps that I use for my Insta pics. Here’s a breakdown of some of my faves:

  1. Lightroom to adjust lighting and individual colors. If you download presets you will be able to add those and edit pictures with this app!
  2.  Snapseed for the brush tool. You can use the dodge and burn tool to correct lighting.
  3. VSCO. I purchased the C filters
  4.  Facetune. To add fun details. I focus on the detail and smooth tools to fix colors and lines that presets change.
  5. UNUM. To organize my Instagram grid. Sometimes I like to see which of my next few pictures will look best alongside each other. It’s important to have a good variety of shots and this app helps you visualize the aesthetic you want!
  6.  Kirakira. For those fun sparkly videos
  7. MetaData Remover.  To remove meta data (like dates) when posting pictures to Instagram stories.

For example, here is an original photo followed by the edited version!


editing instagram pictures


editing instagram pictures

Using a variety of apps is a great way to develop your own personal style as a blogger. They can help you determine your voice and the image you’re projecting, as well as create a consistent look and “feel” to your brand.

When I was first getting started, I didn’t know HALF (or a quarter!) of what I do now when it comes to blogging. But just like Secret, girls are a force to be reckoned with. Keep on pushing forward, fellow #Sassy ladies! Blogging is a fun, yet challenging career that holds so much opportunity for those who are willing to tap into their #SecretStrength.


This blog post is sponsored by Secret Deodorant.


editing instagram pictures

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