dani austin entry way decor ideas

Entry Way Decor Ideas

Hello and welcome to my home! The entry way is the first thing my guests see, and also the environment that I walk into and out of everyday. It’s important to me to have a chic, but functional space when I enter my home!

We decided to take advantage of this space as a continuation of our home office, since we receive a lot of packages–it’s easy to unbox everything and get rid of boxes without making too many trips up the stairs. Jordan also keeps Hazel and Lola’s leashes and balls here for easy access when he takes them to play.

I worked with my interior designer, Alexandra Killion Interiors, to design a very functional space for our entryway. We have a townhome so it’s hard to utilize all the space well when there are three different living areas on each floor. We found a great storage unit that doubles as a cabinet. Inside, the shelves easily fit all of our supplies (and even all the essentials for Lola and Hazel), while the top can be a place for displaying photos, table lamps, or other décor. At a glance, you wouldn’t even know the doors opened, which is a cool way to keep things out of sight.


dani austin entry way decor ideas

Pier 1 Prism Cabinet // Etsy Small Runner Rug // White Ceramic Table Lamp // Black Candle

dani austin entry way decor ideas

Clear Organizer Bins // Acrylic Desktop Mail Center Organizer


One of my biggest tips for maximizing space is storage bins, storage bins, and more storage bins! Bins that have divided compartments are super helpful for small items like rubber bands, thumb tacks, paper clips, etc. When each item has it’s own place, you won’t have to search for what you’re looking for, and you can easily tell when you’re running low on something.

dani austin entry way decor ideas dani austin entry way decor ideas

Clear Organizer Bins // Acrylic Desktop Mail Center Organizer


If you’re ready to reach organization goals, create your own mail center to keep important documents and coupons (saving that Pizza Hut one for a rainy day). It was very practical for us to have box openers, tape, and miscellaneous office supplies downstairs in case we quickly needed to grab something on our way out the door. Hauling up two flights of stairs was fun at first but now I’m getting resourceful and limiting my workouts to daily runs instead!

dani austin entry way decor ideasdani austin entry way decor ideas

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