This post is sponsored by Olay.

Being present on social media means I post a lot of pics of myself. I’m the face—literally—of my own brand. Selfies and photo ops are a daily routine, which means that I take a lot of pride in my skin. Every girl goes through a bad-skin phase (amiright? or Am. I. Right.?), but thankfully I’ve found a product that is a lifesaver for keeping my skin healthy and moisturized all day.

I’ve been a loyal user of Olay products for years, and the brand’s mission is simple: to provide the best skin care options for everyone, while using only the top ingredients. That’s why when I hit the drugstore, I’m only looking for one thing: the #RedJar.

I get it…beauty products can be super overwhelming. Staring at shelves and shelves of creams, lotions and potions is enough to make anyone go cross-eyed. Which one should I buy? Which one is right for my skin? Olay has simplified this dilemma. No more wondering which product will work on your personal skin, or being disappointed that your favorite brand doesn’t cater to your skin type. Olay offers two of the best products on the market—and they’re inclusive to everyone, thanks to their specialized and individualized recipes.

Micro-Sculpting Cream or the Regenerist Whip

Here’s the breakdown…

Olay Regenerist #RedJars are one of two things: Micro-Sculpting Cream or the Regenerist Whip. Both of these face moisturizers use the powerful and beneficial ingredients that Olay is known for, but here’s the catch…they’re designed for different skin types.

So which one is right for you?

The Micro-Sculpting Cream is a rich, nourishing moisturizer that’s best for normal to dry skin. It provides all-day hydration, which is perfect for people whose skin starts to feel a bit parched mid-day. It’s thick— but not in a bad way. If you like a luxurious-feeling moisturizer that you can really slather on and let soak in, this is it. It’s also available in a fragrance-free option if you prefer not to use any scent in your skin care routine.

On the flip side, the Whip face moisturizer is super light and breathable, leaving behind a matte finish with a “barely there” feel. This option is great for normal, oily, or combination skin—basically people who like to combat that unattractive afternoon glow (read: shiny skin!). The Whip cream sets quickly, making it an ideal choice when you’ve got a jam-packed morning and need to speed up your beauty routine. I also love that it is available in an SPF and fragrance-free version too!

Moisturizing is soooo important for your skin. Did you know that skin is the largest organ in your body? It’s time we start taking better care of it! Let’s vow to be comfortable in our own skin…and that starts with using the right products. So the next time you’re starting blankly at a gazillion skincare options in front of you, reach for the #RedJar and you’ll be ready to #FaceAnything the day brings.