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Building Your Self Confidence

Have you ever had a time that you just felt blah? When you wake up, look in the mirror and immediately have negative thoughts? Yep, me too. I’d say it’s virtually impossible to avoid this completely, but I’ve learned that it’s super important to work on your self confidence as a means of physical, mental, and emotional health.

I mean, c’mon ladies! When you think about it, we’re all pretty darn awesome (#womenruletheworld!). It’s so easy to get caught up in the culture of today’s media that focuses on outside beauty, but what about INSIDE beauty? It may sound cliché, but it really is what’s on the inside that counts.

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Less of me and more of Him. The more I get to know God, the clearer things become for me. I stop checking out my own body image and discover more about Him. That helps me see the bigger picture. The more I get to know Him, the more others see me through His reflection. In conclusion, I start to appreciate how beautiful God says I am.

You may think it’s important to look a certain way, dress a certain way, etc, but honey, looks fade. What doesn’t fade is self-confidence—once ya got it, ya got it for good. That’s why I try to start each day loving myself in the skin I’m in. Everyone has “flaws” they wish they could change, but instead of focusing on them in a degrading way, I try to flip it around to the positive.


Remember when I shared with y’all about my bizarre jaw growth?? I was SO self conscious about it! But I stayed open and talked about it with all my followers and received nothing but love and support in return. I always try to remind myself that somewhere out there in the world, someone has it much worse than I do. I’m lucky to have two feet to walk on, two eyes to see with, hair (even messy hair!) on my head, and so much more.

I’m so inspired by all the beautiful sassy ladies I’ve met along my journey—each of us different shapes, sizes, and colors. That’s what makes us unique. Besides, who wants to fit a cookie cutter mold? Not me!


Feel free to unfollow the accounts and media that you are exposed to that makes you judge yourself. These are distractions that aren’t exemplary of what beauty is. Free yourself from the judgement game and do what you need to do to protect your heart and confidence.

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The next time you look in the mirror and start to have a thought that brings you down, I challenge you to refocus on something positive. Maybe you’ve got a little extra pooch around the belly, or maybe your skin isn’t as clear as you wish it could be. But you’re strong, worthy, and beautiful just the way you are.

In addition to positive self-talk, I’ve also learned to ignore negative vibes and energy that float my way. There’s always going to be haters out there who enjoy nothing more than throwing shade. But accepting that for what it is (lack of confidence on their part!) means that you can go on with your life without caring what others think or say.

I may not be perfect, but parts of me are pretty awesome, and that’s important to remember. Beating ourselves down for not meeting some sort of standard is a recipe for disaster. Let’s start lifting each other up! I love clothes, accessories, and the way that fashion makes me feel…but even more than that, self confidence is the best outfit. So wear it and own it! Confidence is contagious, so spread it!