dani austin stella birthday one year old birthday gifts

Stella girl is about to have her first BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe that a year has already gone by. These last 12 months have been the best of my life. Parenting is no joke – but it’s worth every single diaper change, sleepless night, and tantrum. I didn’t know you could love someone this much 😭  Sometimes I feel like my heart is gonna EXPLODE! We’re throwing Stella and I a joint birthday party this weekend – so of course, I’ve been putting together a one year old birthday presents gift guide for y’all!

1. Rainbow Stacking Toy

dani austin first birthday

I try to find toys that aren’t total eyesores to have lying around the house 😂 It’s not the TOP priority, but if I see a cute toy that Stella will probably love – *add to cart*! These rainbow stacking rings are so cute and educational, and she’ll probably love to chew on them too.

2. Soft Building Blocks

dani austin first birthday

Again with the cute colors!! I also love how versatile these are – you can grab a few for the road or give her the whole pile. Will she sit still long enough to be interested in them? Your guess is as good as mine lol. BUT she probably WILL pick one up and carry it around with her, which leaves her one less hand to pick up things that are NOT hers 🤪

3. Essential Play Kitchen

dani austin play kitchen toddler birthday

Y’all have seen this on my stories before – it is the most beautiful play kitchen I have EVER seen. The quality is so good – I know it’s something we’re going to keep and pass down for generations. And how pretty is it?! Best part? Stella actually loves it. You never know what a toddler’s gonna actually play with, but she’s a lil chef with this thing!

4. Ball Pit

dani austin baby presents first birthday ball pit

So cute and unique!! I want to take pictures with Stella in this. It comes in a bunch of different colors too!

5. Baby Grand Piano

dani austin baby toys presents one year birthday baby grand piano

Stella loves this so much lol. And of course, there’s nothing sweeter! Click here to see her playing it IRL. She’s a little baby Mozart 🤪

6. Wooden Musical Set

dani austin first birthday wooden instruments

THE TINY SYMBOLS!!! Considering how much Stella loves her piano, these are a must. And it’s really affordable – under $33 for all of these little instruments!

7. Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

dani austin toddler gifts disney princess

It mightttt be a little too early for these still, but this is the most classic and precious baby girl’s gift. I couldn’t resist. I hope Stella loves playing dress up as much as her mama does!

8. Baby Balance Bike

dani austinmini first birthday bike balance bike

I am SO excited for Stella to use this. It helps with balance and coordination, and it’s just going to be so fun for her! The reviews are so good and I can’t get over how freaking cute it is.

9. Princess Play Tent

dani austin first birthday gift princess tent

I don’t know if Stella will appreciate this yet but *I* sure will hehe. It reminds me of the tent in The Holiday and nothing is sweeter than that scene lol.

10. Popper Toy

dani austin toddler popper toy

This is such a simple and easy gift and the reviews are so good. Apparently it can keep a toddler entertained on a card ride for hours! If that’s the case, it’s worth everyyyy penny lol.

11. Snuggly Sloth

dani austin first birthday sloths

Stella is currently obsessed with her stuffed koala bear. She sleeps with it and carries it around everywhere! I want to introduce a few new fluffy friends to the family. These sloths are so cute and I love that there’s a baby sloth too!

12. Instax Mini Camera

dani austin instax

Okay soooo this last one is more for the parents than the toddler, but hey! The kid’s one year old, they aren’t gonna remember this birthday anyway 🤪  But with this cute lil Polaroid camera YOU can!! Take snaps of your little one throughout the next year and save them for the mems.

Y’all aren’t gonna believe Stella’s party – it’s gonna be out of this WORLD. 😏 👽