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10 Tips for Organizing your Fridge

Organizing your refrigerator feels a lot like organizing your closet—if you can’t see it, you won’t know it’s there. But unlike a sweater that can easily be dusted off, an old piece of fish at the back of the fridge can create a pretty smelly, nasty problem. Luckily, I was able to team up with the Neat Method and The Container Store  to organize and declutter my fridge…and lemme tell ya, it’s been life changing!

The kitchen was the first to get cleaned and organized but if you leave out the fridge, you’re basically cleaning your bedroom and hiding all the junk underneath your bed. You can’t miss the fridge, ladies! I never knew how easy it was to implement better organization habits, sharing all the things I learned below!

Read on to see my top tips for getting a clean, organized fridge on any budget.

dani austin fridge organization tips

Deep Fridge Bins // Soda Can Organizer

1. Realize that every fridge has temperature differences, and that items you want to stay coldest (such as milk and other drinks) should be kept at the back of the fridge, never on the door.

2. Speaking of temperatures, sometimes an over-packed fridge can create hot spots when items are too crowded together. So spread things out to allow for good air circulation and prevent spoilage. When it doubt, don’t cool items that don’t need cooled, like tomatoes, potatoes, etc.

3. Placement is key for your food, thanks to that handy thing called Gravity. Think about it…. So unless you want juices from your meat packages to drip down onto other items, it’s best to place meat on the bottom, or better yet, in a drawer.

4. When it comes to drink cans like soda, get a handy can dispenser, which keeps them from rolling around your fridge and makes it easy to grab one, then roll the others forward.

5. If you have a counter-depth fridge and find that it’s hard to see what’s toward the back, you can easily use a Lazy Susan to rotate things like drinks, snacks and more! So clever!

Deep Fridge Bins

6. Those who like to meal prep might think it’s a good idea to chop everything up in advance—but you shouldn’t! Items left “whole” stay fresher longer than items that are cut up.

7. Store all of your items in clear containers—especially glass, since they can be safer to reheat than some plastics—so you can easily see what’s there. No one wants to open a sour cream container on taco night only to find last week’s vegetable soup.

8. In addition to clear containers, take advantage of adhesive labels, especially to date leftovers so you won’t have to question just how old something is.

9. If you’re a wine drinker, sometimes those tall bottles can be a burden to chill, but you can lay them flat with a handy wine bottle prop that sits under the neck and prevents it from rolling around.

10. Sometimes even the cleanest, most organized refrigerator gets a bit of funky smell from time to time. I love using a small box of activated carbon or baking soda to deodorize my fridge and help it to remain fresh.

dani austin fridge organization kitchen reveal

So at the end of the day, if you follow your heart and it leads you to the fridge (haha), better make sure it’s an organized one! Especially around the holidays, leftovers for days!! Hope these tips help you store all your favorite holiday dishes to share with your loved ones!

Comment below your favorite dish to make during the holidays!