dani austin gallery wall

How To Create A Gallery Wall

Well ladiezzz, I’m finally getting my home decor knocked out! The master bedroom was the first to knock out because where ya rest ya head is the most important. We updated our master bedroom furniture with Kathy Kuo Home and everything was P E R F E C T. I had the splash of pink that I needed and Jordan had no complaints! The comforter and furniture set was so luxe and made us feel like a real married couple with our own fancy bedroom suite.

The only thing we couldn’t figure out what to do with was the large, empty wall on the other side of the bedroom. I had the honor of working with Artifact Uprising and found these stunning floating frames that seemed perfect to fill the space. We ordered nine of the 12×12 floating frames and were able to add photos from our wedding.

The frames came with the photos already inside (thank goodness, one less step!) and all we had to do was organize how we wanted them positioned and BOOM. The installation was pretty simple but to be safe, we used Thumbtack to hire a handyman to help us install. Couldn’t bear to think of putting a mess of holes in the wall.

Sharing my tips to master the Gallery Wall look below!

dani austin gallery wallartifact uprising gallery wall

Artifact Uprising Floating Frames // Kathy Kuo Home Bench // Urban Outfitters Lamp // Ambitious Home Rug // Katie Kime Pillows // Faux Fur Throw

Gallery Wall Pro Tips:

  1. MAP IT OUT. Use construction paper before any nails go in to see if the frames are exactly where you want them on the wall. Mine are equally distanced from each other on all sides, about 3 inches to be exact.
  2. VISUAL APPEAL. Before you nail it in, lay out the frames to decide which order sequence you want the photos in. This may not seem like much but I found it very helpful when communicating with the handyman and the flow of photos just makes more sense visually for me.
  3. USE A PROFESSIONAL. Hire a contractor. I could definitely figure out how to install these frames, buuuut there are some things that I prefer to outsource to a professional.

TA-DA, you got it girl! Added a level of dimension to your walls with frames or art is always a good way to go to complete a space. Can’t wait to see how you transform a boring wall in your home! 


dani austin gallery wall

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dani austin gallery wall

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