Dani Austin boss babe gift guide

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a lot of strong, sassy mamas in your life! I’m all about ladies supporting ladies, and if I can help a friend realize her potential or take one step closer to her goal, I wanna do it! So for this Christmas, I wanted to put together some gift ideas for the boss babe in your life.

1. Bliss Daily Planner

I have never seen a planner/notepad like this! It’s so cute and helpful. I love that in addition to “to-do’s”, it incorporates self care tasks like drinking enough water, planning meals throughout the day, and saying something you’re thankful for. When you get into that grind, it can be too easy to forget about your body and soul’s needs, so this is the perfect reminder for a busy gal.

2. Charger Cord Carrying Case

We all know that one girl who’s always carrying around a million chargers (aka me 🤪). This case is so practical for organizing and traveling with chargers. It can hold your laptop charger, phone charger, cables, adapters, etc.

3. #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

If you’re looking for inspiration, this book is the girl power gift we all need!

4. Charging Stand

I honestly wish someone would give me a gift like this! It charges your phone and your AirPods AND it comes in rose gold?! I mean… come on.

5. Velvet Seashell Swivel Chair

The perfect addition to any desk! So freaking cute you guys. It’s time to work in STYLE.

6. Hairpin Writing Desk

Speaking of desks… this cutie is so beautiful and affordable! This little desk and chair set has me wanting to redo my office honestly…

7. Richports Weekender Bag

Walmart is over here hitting the style game out of the park! How cute is this weekender?! The size is perfect and the checkered look is so chic. It looks so expensive but it’s only $59?! So great for the traveling gal pal in your life.

8. Keurig Single Cup

Save your friend time and money every single morning. It’s the gift that keeps 👏 on 👏 giving 👏 Give her a stocking full of K-cups to make it even sweeter!

9. Bluetooth Keyboard/Stand

So practical, and comes in a few different color options.

10. AirPods Pro

I love my AirPods so much. I didn’t realize how much more convenient they would be until I got them. They’re just so much easier to use around the house without worrying about cords, and they don’t fall out when I run, either.

11. Temperature Control Mug

Truly the boujiest coffee accessory to ever own 😂 But so perfect for any highly caffeinated friend! This mug not only controls the temperature of the drink, but it’s remote controlled with an app, y’all.

12. iPad

If you wanna really treat someone, upgrade them to the newest iPad! I use mine all the time and any boss babe would benefit from the latest tech at their fingertips!

2020 has been a wild ride – let’s spoil each other a little extra this year. If you need more ideas, here’s another gift guide for the girls in your life! What are you gifting the boss babes in your life?!