dani austin grandparents gift ideas

Coming atcha with another gift guide! I feel like this year, it’s more important than ever to show our grandparents some love. With so many grandparents and older relatives having to be extra secluded for a lot of this year, a special gift means a lot. I wanted to find some things that would make us all feel closer together. Here are my fave gift ideas for Christmas this year!

1. Personalized blanket

This is SO sweet! You can send in scans of your kiddos (or your!) handwriting and it’ll be printed onto a blanket. A letter that will last a lot longer ❤️

2. Personalized book set

Loving this idea! You can have a book from each kiddo with their name on the bind. The reviews are so good – people have loved both giving and receiving this thoughtful sentimental gift.

3. Echo Show 8

Perfect for the grandparents who embrace all the tech! It’ll help you to stay in touch better and help them with practical things like making lists, controlling the temperature in the house, and of course, entertainment!

4. Grandkids spoiled here mat

I mean – enough said! Super cute, simple, and perfect for any doting grandparents. My mom would love this!

5. Grandma’s kitchen cutting board

This is one of my favorites because I feel like this is just more unique! I would probably personalize this to say my mom’s name on it instead of “grandma”. Can’t you see it now – Tornado’s Kitchen? 😉

6. Personalized mug

A oldie but a goodie! Get the grandkid’s faces printed on these cute lil mugs. I wanna have a Stella one made for Tornado (my mom) and Tammy (Jordan’s mom)!

7. Photo puzzle

Pick a favorite family photo and have it made into a puzzle for your grandparents to complete! I’d only advise this one if your family is already into puzzles – otherwise might be a little narcissistic 😉

8. Digital frame

Load this bad boy up with all of the best memories! This is such a simple but thoughtful gift. I think it would also be really sweet to take photos of some handwritten messages like “Love you grammy!” and add those in too!

9. Crossword puzzles

If the personalized thing isn’t what you have in mind, go with something classic and entertaining! If your grandparents or older relatives love puzzles, grab a book of crosswords and  maybe even do a few together!

10. THE back massager!

Y’all already know! This bad boy isn’t for the weak of heart. EVERYone in the family will love you for this one!

11. Tile 2-pack

Perfect for helping keep track of things! Just attach one of these little Tiles to your grandparents remote, keys, or whatever else and then just use the app to find them when they’re lost. It might take a little setup help from you, but it could become so helpful!

What are you giving your grandparents this year? Need more gift ideas? I gotchu.