dani austin opi nail polish youre such a budapest good news

Right now, we all need some good news. Amiright?! I know I personally have been so encouraged seeing all of the sweet posts of Italians singing to each other, CEOs donating their salaries to keep people on, and my personal fave, the Quarantine love stories, like that guy who met his girlfriend from his rooftop LOL! I wanted to share some of my fave good pieces of news from this week – especially some of my fave products that might make quarantine a little more bearable! 

Hey Good Cookin’ 😏👩‍🍳 

dani austin mini waffle maker good news

I’ve been testing out my cooking skillz lately! Ya know how some people find cooking relaxing? Well, I find it relaxing when people cook for me… 🤣 I’m working on it tho! I made Jordan a fancy breakfast the other day for Easter – we’re talkin’ eggs, we’re talkin’ waffles, we’re talkin’ bacon, ladies! And y’all it was good 😋 If you wanna get your bake on, but you feeling a little lazy (lol same), using these super cute mini waffle makers is the perfect way to go! And only $10 on Amazon?!?! Try popping a cinnamon roll in there for a delicious cinnamon roll waffle treat 😍

Get Loose Wit It! 

dani austin aerie sweater corona

My motto these days is: if it’s gonna cling to me in any way, that’s a nope. Tight pants? PASS. LOUNGEWEAR ONLY! Hehe. I love this sweater from Aerie and everything is 40-70% off right now!!! Gonna be swimming in sweats once my order comes in 🤪 If you grab some sweats, I have a whole post about how to style them 5 different ways!

The CUTEST Coffee Ever ☕️

dani austin barista corona good news

I have been needing to balance my corona bad news with corona GOOD news for the sake of my sanity, and this has been one of my faves. A guy who wants to be a professional barista started making drinks and giving them to essential workers from his apartment window on their way to work!!! Here’s the full story – it warms me up!

They Freshhh 💅

dani austin opi nail polish youre such a budapest good news

After I finally got that nasty crusty dip polish off my nails, I had to give them a refreshhhh. I am OBSESSED with this color from OPI! It’s called You’re Such a BudaPest and it’s such a pretty periwinkle. If you need a little change in your life right now, start with your nails! It just feels so GOOD!

Be a Kid Again! 

dani austin crunch cup

This recent Amazon find is Jordan’s fave thing EVER lol. It’s so simple, but so genius – it’s the perfect grab and go cup for cereal! Sure, we don’t really have anywhere to go right now, buuuuut… it’s still fun and just makes me feel like I’m 5 again but like – it’s still socially acceptable. 🤣 That’s good news to me!

What little things are making you feel positive lately? We are all in this together ladies! I think I’m gonna do another one of these soon – let me know what you want to see more of in the comments!