gillette christmas dani austin mens gift guide

The Perfect Gift For The Guy Who Says They Don’t Want Anything

Merry Christmas!!! It’s the happiest time of year and I am allll over the Christmas decor and winter vibes this season. I love everything about it! BUT there is one thing I dread more than any other. Shopping for the men in my life. I could not tell you the first thing about men’s fashion, sports, or whatever is going on in that mind of theirs!

Honestly, the person who I have the most difficult time shopping for is my brother, Landon. He’s always been super picky and I’ve never been able to win with him during Christmas. But this year…this year I figured it out!!



I was so happy to partner with Gillette and Bed Bath and Beyond to find the perfect gift for any guy on your list. The Gillette Limited Edition Gift Sets are an answered pray for all my ladies out there struggling for gift ideas for the men in their life (like me!!).  There are two gift sets – one comes with a Mach3 Turbo razor, stand, and extra cartridges. There’s also the Fusion5 ProShield that comes with a stand too. Both are amazing, have a nice design and have a price tag that is even better, $20! YES, that’s right. You just found the perfect gift and still came up under budget! Just pop on over to you local Bed Bath and Beyond to wrap it up ASAP. 


gillette christmas dani austin mens gift guide


You see, the thing I’ve learned about shopping for guys is, they are extremely realistic and want a gift that is practical and fits seamlessly into their routines. For example, I could get Jordan the fanciest briefcase and he would still use the backpack I gave him five years ago because he has grown accustomed to it. This is key when you think of shopping for that guy in your life!! You have to ask yourself, “What do they use almost everyday that could use an upgrade?”

Cue the Gillette Limited Edition gift set! BOOM. Men use razors all the time, it’s one of those details we skip over because it is so natural, but surprising them with the best of the best, will help show you care about their everyday routine and appreciate a clean lookin’ face! At the end of the day, it’s a win-win. Be sure to add the Gillette Limited Edition Gift Set to your shopping list this year and snag one at Bed Bath and Beyond ASAP. Find your closest store here.

Have you shopped for the guys in your life yet– dad’s, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, coworkers?



Thank you to Gillette X Bed Bath and Beyond for sponsoring this content. All thoughts and opinions are my own.