dani austin pet lover gift guide christmas 2020

Happy howlidays! The holidays are the perfect time to spend time with our families – and our families include our pets! We rounded up some of the cutest gifts for the pet lover in your life!

1. Padded Leash

What I love about this leash is the padded handle. If you have a dog who pulls or is just on the strong side, it can kinda hurt your hand! This takes care of that issue – and it’s under $10.

2. Pet Carrier Backpack

This is the best, ultimate pet lover gift 🤣 Carry your furry friend around with you in the pet carrier backpack! I’ve seen these online so many times – and actually have some friends who love it! It would work for cats or puppies (or just really small dogs I guess – Lola? You in? LOL)

3. Pawaboo Pet Carrier

Take it to the next LEVEL with this practically BabyBjorn carrier 🤣 This one’s way better if you’re going on a super long hike and want to have a carrying option for when your pup is done for the day.

4. Sushi Cat Toys

These are so cute 😍 We aren’t cat people, but dang, these make me wanna change! They come in a pack, too, so these would be perfect for separate gifts or bundled with some treats for a little pet stocking!

5. Dog Water Bottle

I’ve seen people use this before and it’s kind of amazing! So great for taking with you on a hike or just a walk to give your pup a little hydration break without having to stop and unpack a bowl and make it a whole thing.

6. Greenies Gingerbread Flavor

I meannnn. The dogs wanna get in on the holiday spirit, too! Our girls are obsessed with Greenies, so getting the gingerbread flavor is the natural Christmas upgrade!

7. Donut Dog Bed

Our girls LOVE their dog beds. So soft and cuddly. Do they keep them out of our beds 100% of the time?…..no. But – we kinda like it that way ☺️

8. Hammock Pet Bed

This is the most extra gift you can give this season – but also one of the cutest 🤣 Like sign me up for a matching swing, please!

9. Up Dog Oden Treat Puzzle Toy

Solve the puzzle – earn the treat! As your dog pushes this around and plays with it, treats fall out. It’s so great for keeping them occupied and even getting them to move around a little! You can also put their normal kibble in there to help them eat slower!

10. Furbo

Y’all know we love our Furbo! If you’re a pet lover or you know one, this is the most thoughtful gift. Being able to keep an eye on your fur babies while you’re away can really reduce anxiety.

If you need gift ideas for your girlfriends, or for your guy, I gotchu! What are you getting the pet lover in your life – or is it you?! I wanna know the most fun thing you’ve bought your pet.