How I asked bridesmaids

The most exciting part of wedding planning so far has been planning how I am asking my bridesmaids to stand by my side on one of the most important days of my life. These girls have been there through thick & thin and I am so grateful to share these moments with them.

When I started planning how I was going to asking my bridesmaids, I knew I had to be strategic because the majority of them live in other cities. This DIY box was the perfect way to add fun gifts that can travel, and ultimately, surprise my friends when they opened it.

Also, this is the first time I have been able to share the color palette for my wedding! I have decided to go with light pinks, golds, and white. I have added below what I put in each box!

How I asked bridesmaidsasking my bridesmaidsPaperSource Paper & Confetti: I am obsessed with everything from I rarely have occasions where I can put all the cute things to meaningful use. Making these bridesmaids boxes was the perfect reason to finally get a little artsy with their festive accessories.

Gold Confetti Crackers: Love this idea! Not only is it super cute, but let’s your BFF’s celebrate as if you were asking them in person. I can’t wait to celebrate together but these touches are perfect in the meantime!

Rollasole After Party Flats: The Mindy Weiss Rollasole Wedding Box Collection comes with 12 flats, which is the perfect amount for a bridal party! The dance floor was the most important factor for me when finding a wedding venue, so these champagne-colored flats will be put to serious use! It’s such a useful gift and I’m sure we will definitely be using these for other occasions!

Le Grand Courtâge Mini Rosé: Nothing says bridesmaids (and bachelorette party!) like a little rosé! (literally a mini rosé!!!) I think this is the cutest idea! And honestly didn’t realize they made rosé this size, it is so adorable. You can get these at you local market or online.

Rose Gold Nail Polish & Eyeshadow: I wanted to add some cosmetics that my bridesmaids could wear on the Big Day. Since I have decided on my colors and have started looking into bridesmaids dresses, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with these neutral nail polishes and eyeshadows. And, BONUS, my girls can use these neutral shades everyday.

asking my bridesmaids asking my bridesmaids asking my bridesmaids