It is now fall approaching winter.

I love the brisk weather, the changing of the leaves and all that happens in between. It is the time for pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, shorter days and longer nights. All of those things add up to also mean that you find yourself focused on comfort and cozy above all else.

And finally, all of that adds up to mean that shaving is hard to find the desire for underneath my warm layers. My thought process every season’s change is the same. Why do I need to shave what no one is going to see? It’s not like it is bikini season anymore. Heck, even in Texas it isn’t even short sleeves weather by November.

I do not think it is the act of having smooth skin that I begin to loathe during the colder months, but it is mainly the act of shaving itself. It is too time consuming just to experience the skin irritation and razor bumps that come with the common shave. And don’t even get me started on how many times I miss a spot and just have to experience all of the pains over again.

I really did not plan on having any different strategy this season, but I recently came across a new product that changed my mentality completely not just for the colder months, but potentially forever.

I partnered with Silk’n on this post to test their Flash&Go product. The product is a small device that offers laser hair removal quickly and on-the-go. The product is the fastest hair removal device on the market with the promise of lifetime, silky-smooth hair free skin.

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I think that a lot of you, like me at first, are naturally skeptical of such an innovation but one thing that really made me feel more comfortable was their willingness to put everything into a step-by-step mobile app.

north_silknskin-34 north_silknskin-28

I tried the product out and focused on the areas that are most annoying to take care of for me personally; the underarms, my arms and legs. I have also heard of many people using it on their bikini line and even their face too actually. I have been using the product for three weeks now and have already noticed results. Most have said that after 8-10 weeks you should see anywhere from 65-75% reduction of hair in that area.


Overall, I do not think that I am alone in hating taking care of shaving in the winter or even ever. It is a pain, it takes forever, and I would rather just not have to deal with it. Laser hair removal is a well-known solution to this problem but often times you have to go find a good provider, spend money on repeat visits, etc. Silk’n offers women a no-gimmick solution to in-home hygiene. It is elegant, affordable luxury that makes each woman feel safe and comfortable while using.

For now I am going to stick with this solution ride the #NoShaveWave.


Silk’n would like to offer a 15% discount good through year end 2016 with the Coupon Code: SilknTalk