dani austin dime mascara lashes serum long eyelashes

I have allllways been a lashes girl! If I had to choose only one makeup item to keep for the rest of my life, it would have to be mascara. I’m not a minimal lashes kinda girl – the bigger the BETTA baby 😍 I’ve always had pretty long lashes, but during my pregnancy they seemed to get shorter. Has that happened to anyone else?!

The Key… Dime Eyelash Boost Serum

I wanted to get my length back and I’ve been obsessed with Dime’s Eyelash Boost Serum for months now. My lashes have legitimately grown back to even LONGER than they were before. It’s so easy to use – you just apply near the root of your lashes and voila!

It takes a bit of time to see the results, but now that I’ve been using it faithfully, I know they’ve grown. My mom even pointed it out to me on our vacation recently, and I can tell because now when I apply mascara, my lashes actually touch my upper eyelids. Plus, it has almost 2,000 reviews with a 4.7/5 overall rating!

dime eyelash serum dani austin

I also apply this to my eyebrows. Your brows start to thin out as you get older, so this is a double threat for lashes and brows! Dime Beauty is also clean beauty – no prostaglandins are used in the product. Prostaglandins actually change your eye color 😳 I’ve looked for eyelash serums before and have run into that issue, but this serum is prostaglandin-free so we’re all good there!

Dime has a ton of amazing clean beauty products available! You can check out my picks here and use code AUSTIN20 to get 20% off any Dime products or bundles! I’m loving having my long lashes back and am gonna see how long they get with continued use. Show me your results if you try this!


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