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Y’all know I’m a nature lover…but guess what? Turns out Dani doesn’t have much of a green thumb. Jordan and I are putting the finishing touches on decorating our new home, and that includes adding some much-needed greenery to our rooms and rooftop patio. BUUUUUT…I’ve quickly discovered that I’m not so hot at keeping these puppies alive. Whoops!

Thanks to the power of Google, I’ve rounded up some handy tips that have taught me how to NOT kill my pants. Are you a plant killer too? Read on, sista. If I can learn to take care of plants at my house, you can too.

1. Make the right choice

Let’s think of these plants as tiny little babies. I mean, they are alive, right? You need to decide how much time you can dedicate to caring for your plants. So if you’re a busy bee, you might want to choose plants that are low-maintenance and don’t require a ton of attention. Diva plants…no thanks.

2. Water appropriately

Water every day? Every other? It’s all so confusing! Thankfully you can check out the tag when you purchase plants to get some insight into their feeding patterns (Or just turn to Dr. Google again). Who knew that you could actually DROWN a plant?! Yep, trust me, it’s possible. So make sure you know exactly how often each plant needs a drink.

3. To sun or not to sun

You’d think that all plants would love basking in the sun, but (again) how naïve can I be! Now I know that there are some types of plants that are shade dwellers. Definitely check how much exposure to sunlight a plant needs, and then place it appropriately in your space.

4. Give ‘em a wipe down

Yes, even your plants deserve a bath every now and then. And by bath, I mean a quick wipe-down clean. Dust buildup on plants actually reduces their lifespan and can create mold and other types of rot (YUCK). Plus, plants that are free from dust just look so much prettier anyways. All it takes is a damp cloth or paper towel and a few minutes to wipe down leaves and petals.

5. Dead head

Such a weird term, right? But it actually makes perfect sense. When a flower is done blooming and begins to die, it will become wilted and crunchy—not a very attractive look. Deadheading plants mean picking off these dead buds, which helps revitalize the plant. Simply pick off (or snip with scissors) the dead part, to give your plant a fresh, clean, beautiful look again.

Ta-da! Look at you being all grown up and everything. You “grow” girl!