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Sassy mamas! If you follow my Instagram stories you know I LOVE doing giveaways to treat my girls. You all have become like family to Jordan and I and we think it’s the least we can do to give back, especially recently! Our hearts are overflowing by how many people enter these giveaways. For those asking, I am keeping a running list of winners below! Whenever a winner is chosen, they are direct messaged to let them know they won, btw!

Teacher Wishlist Giveaway

@tayserafin @versedinfirst @mindset_momma @mrs.olive_crawley @cksy25

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan Giveaway


Dani’s Favorites Giveaway 

@teeni26 @cscatts

 Arhaus Sectional Giveaway  

hosted by: @theramblingredhead, @angelarosehome

winner: bethcrunk

Nespresso Giveaway 

@joanieparker57  @gladys_quin1

Fabletics Giveaway 


DASH x Truff Giveaway 


Mr. Clean x Walmart Giveaway

@laurasjennings @mkchaplin @elizabeth_edelen

Cloud Couch Giveaway 

hosted by: @heynasreen, @sarahknuth, @holliewdwrd, @leeannebenjamin, @krsitywicks

winner: @sandz90

@mbgw13, @magdalenevolk

Hair Care Giveaway

@mbgw13, @magdalenevolk

Summer Fitness Giveaway

@tattuumm, @anniebalch315

Beauty Giveaway

@every_kiss_begins_with_bai, @gaylamoore

Tarte Makeup Giveaway

@j_a_b, @rachelll12

$10,000 Giveaway – 10 Winners, $1,000 PayPal Cash

@mar_loving_life, @Amelia_stp, @_themrskimberly0210_, @brayandbeck, @blanemiller1, @taylsgarner, @chelseaalittle, @gracielou, @ashleyfauler, @shaylinraja

Chick-fil-A Ice Nugget Machine Giveaway

@shonda_trussell, @mermaidoneforever, @clp813, @mlopez_cruz726, @mistifrog, @kellycfredrickson

Get Organized With Me Giveaway

@phyllisrcrews, kittycres

$6,000 Giveaway

@rachael.pope, @ellahsinglemomma, @sheshejaegs, meganjohns89_

New Year, New You Giveaway


Dream Giveaway


Robot Shark Vacuum Giveaway

@meech.briks, @alison.loving

$5,000 Giveaway


Home for the Holiday’s Giveaway

@myah_mikela, @emilyjostockton

Holiday Spending Cash Giveaway

@abbycraig23, @ diamondismae

Chick-fil-A Ice Nugget Machine Giveaway


LV GM Neverfull Bag Giveaway

@hostedbyhayley, @robin.g.mckee

Barefoot Dreams Blanket + $100 Amazon Gift Card + AirPods Giveaway

@_hollyhudson , @steph.rider

Christmas Tree Giveaway

Michaelann Kennedy, Carolyn Ray, Lorrie Matusic

Chick-fil-A Ice Nugget Machine Giveaway

 Noel Stevens

$500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway 

@briannasessa , @logan_mackenzie38

Staycation Giveaway

Halee Wise, Jenny Stewart

LV GM Neverfull Bag Giveaway


LV GM Neverfull Bag Giveaway 

Lauren Berger

LV Neverfull Bag Giveaway


$100 Giftie

@erin_Leblanc , @1sarahwilson1 , @beckymuanpho

$500 Nordstrom Gift Card 

Kayla Blevins

$100 Nordstrom Gift Card

@apaluf , @gwenkulin , @Tori_miles , @sierrajoycoaching

$1,000 Nordstrom Gift Card 


$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

@Nidiavalles , @coral.deaver , @syd_lily

$100 Target Gift Card 

@maggiecharlenelovell , @Codycush ,@grrritshaidee

$1,000 Gift Card + Tory Burch Millers + Liquid Biocell Giveaway

@tayloredoww, @b_brightness, @Mrs_dickover

Starbucks Giveaway 

@jocelyn_chu_0417, @jbreezy328, @jenniferx09, @sarahdevlieger, @brandiiiijean, @erin_marie20, @molliemhayes, @maddiescroggin, @maddikill & @anabn357

Golden Goose + Rikki Skinny Mirror Giveaway


$1,000 Shopping Spree


Makeup / Vanity Giveaway

@cssndrkhrn , @marissanturner & Mckenzie Harrell

Chick-fil-A Ice Nugget Machine Giveaway


Peloton + $2,500 Giveaway


Peloton + Target + Amazon Giveaway


Peloton Giveaway

@apenlandrn, @melissaarrellano

$8,000 Giveaway

@hechellelynne, @mayday088, @alyvirdi, @amber.jean__, @singlemomandsean, @megan.vanderslice, @jennasmadsen, @mystical_mama_candi

April TikTok Giveaway


Peloton Bike Giveaway

@danielle_shap , @stephie_320

$15,000 Giveaway with @holliewdwrd, krista.horton, @livingmybeststyle, @champagneandchanel ($5000 PayPal cash to 3 winners)

@alicynaperez , @jenn23891 , @beth_nehring

$6,000 Giveaway with @champagneandchanel, @darylanndenner, @krista.horton, @heylindshay, @masseya


$2,000 Giveaway (3 winners, $6,000 total)

@_thelord_is_our_strength_ , @kirsten44 , @annakatherine_xo

Air Fryer Giveaway

@caileethomas , @kristinaakolo , @shannonbyrd_ , @adavault , @hilarywareham

Pay Your Bills Giveaway Winners April / May 2020:

*all identities are kept anonymous due to the personal nature of this giveaway

Peloton Giveaway

@shannon_schw , @abbcolette

Samsung Frame TV + iPhone Giveaway @_gwenbetts , @ash_swapp

CDG Awareness Giveaway


September Giveaway Box


October Giveaway Box